Spiritual Breakthroughs in Difficult Work Situations – Part 3

(Continued from the previous post) I drove home from work frustrated, tired and spent. My Big Idea had been argued over, stomped on, and dismissed in the course of 30 minutes during  a late afternoon conference. Instead of coming out the hero, I lost complete control of the meeting. Usually when I get iced out by [Read More...]

Princeton Leadership and Spirituality Event – The Results Are In!

So.  It’s been a few weeks since the Princeton Leadership and Spirituality event occurred, and by now I am sure many of you are not only wondering how it went, but also if there was ever a real event to begin with. Yes, it was real enough, and I have pictures to prove it. In fact, the PLS event [Read More...]

Are You Facing a Layoff or Career Transition? Here are Ten Things God Wants for You.

Guest post by Executive Leadership Coach, Dr. Stephen Payne.  So, you just heard the jarring news that your job is being eliminated. Or perhaps you have made the “Big Decision” to change your job or career on your own. Either way you are starting one of life’s major transitions. Before rushing to polish and upload your [Read More...]

An Interview with Dr. Stephen Payne on “Leadership and Spirituality: Transforming the Workplace” Part 3 of 3

BJM: In the columns you write for InsideWork, I’ve noticed you use these cards which help people calibrate their spiritual state. That sounds kind of weird. And I mean that in the kindest possible sense of the word…  Dr. Stephen Payne: Spirituality in the workplace can be a broad and daunting topic. In my coaching [Read More...]

An Interview with Dr. Stephen Payne on the Princeton “Leadership & Spirituality” Workshop

Bradley J. Moore recently conducted an interview with Leadership Coach Dr. Stephen Payne to discuss his upcoming workshop,  “Leadership and Spirituality: Transforming the Workplace.” This workshop is designed specifically for business leaders and is taking place at Princeton Theological Seminary on May 31- June 1.  Bradley J. Moore: OK, full disclosure Dr. Payne: I’ve been a client [Read More...]

Princeton Seminar to Discuss the Impact of Spirituality on the Workplace

A few weeks ago I mentioned that I had been invited to speak at an event at Princeton Theological Seminary discussing the relationship between spirituality and business leadership. The dates have been changed. It is now scheduled for May 31 – June 1. Here is an updated post on that event. Hope to see you [Read More...]