How to Sound More Confident

Lately, I have been coaching one of our managers on how to appear more confident in front of groups. I am uniquely qualified for this task because I am oh-so-familiar with self-confidence issues, as they played out many times in my early career. I would freeze up, quake in my boots, get dry mouth, gastric problems – you [Read More…]

Are You Dealing with Complexity, Ambiguity and Uncertainty? Join the Club.

There is a saying here at my company: we like to see managers get “bloodied up a bit” before moving them into more prominent leadership roles. If we believe someone has management potential, we will intentionally put them in a situation where they will encounter extreme conflict, opposition, or just plain ambiguity (which in and of [Read More…]

Maybe You’re Not Cut Out to be a Boss

Over the past four years of blogging, I have harped quite a lot on the benefits of taking risks, pushing forward, and taking responsibility for getting promoted at work. I believed this was our obligation as Christians in the marketplace – to be good stewards of ourselves by stepping out in faith, out of our [Read More…]

Your Life’s Calling: To Become Yourself

My friend, a high-level manager at a financial services firm, confided he felt as if he was leading a double-life. Not in a sordid, creepy way, involving drugs or scandal or cabaret performances of Liza Minnelli impersonations by night. Rather, he complained that his “work” persona and his “home” persona had grown distinctly separate over [Read More…]

The Most Powerful Management Trick

I was hunkered down the other day in a windowless conference room with three colleagues, discussing what we enthusiastically refer to at my company as “Talent Management.” You might think this means we were busy charting Hollywood careers, or perhaps determining how our employees might stack up in an entertainment competition. But no, it’s just [Read More…]

Management By Calm

Guest post by Dr. Stephen Payne. We all know that we work far better when our inner balance—that deeper, more spiritual part of us—is in a “good place.” Things just go a lot better, especially our connections to other people. But knowing it and living it are totally different. Especially in today’s fast-paced workplace where [Read More…]