Five Life-Altering Career Lessons For Young Professionals

My first entry-level professional job paid enough for a decent apartment with a sofa and TV. As far as I was concerned, this was the good life, and planning for the upcoming weekend was about as far out as I could comprehend. Lucky for me, I married a brave, visionary woman who was wise and [Read More…]

The Root of All Envy

I came across a research study the other day linking envy with sabotaging behavior at work. You wouldn’t think business researchers were so interested in such catty workplace predicaments, but apparently our inner lives have a lot to do with productivity. I can’t say I’ve been plagued much by envy at work, but I do remember [Read More…]

Four Reasons to Ditch Powerpoint in Your Next Presentation

Most people fear public speaking over death, but I was one who happily embraced it as part of my professional development. At some point mid-way along my career I realized that, if done well, public speaking can create a certain air of authority. Something about the boldness of standing confidently before a crowd, offering up packaged [Read More…]