St. Joseph’s Altar: The Lenten Feast?

Every year in my school, the classes would take a bus to a nearby banquet hall in our town of Opelousas, where we’d be able to eat some of the great food prepared for the St. Joseph’s Altar, a practice especially popular in Catholic southern Louisiana. That “altar” was really just a few tables adorned with flowers, breads, desserts, and meatless meals to commemorate the Solemnity of St. Joseph.Since the Solemnity falls during Lent most years and is not technically a Feast Day, the rules of th … [Read more...]

South Louisiana’s Great Flood of 2016

The Flood of the Century. The Great Flood. A Flood of Biblical Proportions. The Hundred Year Flood.Whatever you want to call it, South-central and Southeastern Louisiana has been battered by torrential rain this past weekend, leaving unbelievably huge pieces of roads and entire neighborhoods underwater, leaving thousands rescued and at least three killed.The chaos brought by this massive flooding is devastating. Even though my family and I suffered no damage, witnessing my neighbors … [Read more...]

Bringing Catholic Magic Back

An article in The Atlantic grabbed our attention last week--about young Jews embracing the more traditional practices their parents had rejected. We completely identified. The return to traditional faith practices--what the Catholic Church refers to as "popular piety"-- played a significant role in both of our returns to Catholicism, the religion our parents had abandoned.Our families had been Catholic for generations. Jess's parents were old school cultural Catholics from New Orleans--they w … [Read more...]