Blog of the Year

When I told my fellow pilgrims that we'd received an award for faith-based blog of the year, our associate editor Matt Lafleur responded, "Does this mean we'" Good question.Jonathan Ryan and I created this blog for the margins, the narrow audience not being served (or published) by Christian presses and magazines -- those of us who've never felt at home anywhere but are tired of traveling alone. That audience has turned out to be a lot bigger than we anticipated.The Wilbur … [Read more...]

Going in Fire: Spooky Tales from the Crooked Tree

For my birthday this year a friend benevolently kidnapped me and took me on a road trip further up and further in to Northern Lower Michigan. We drove the Tunnel of Trees and window shopped in posh Harbor Springs, which I've heard called the Hamptons of the Midwest. In the middle of town stands the old French Jesuit church, now called Holy Childhood of Jesus. Inside, there's a mural depicting a Jesuit and a Franciscan, the two orders that established Catholic missions here in the 1800s. Along … [Read more...]

The Mystery is Right Next to Us. Learn How to Find It.

 In The Empire Strikes Back, Yoda pokes Luke Skywalker with his walking stick and says, "I've been watching this one. All his life....he has looked away to the future, the horizon...never his mind on where he was.....what he was doing..." I must confess, this is a summary of my life. I've always believed there is something better, just beyond the horizon and that belief has led me to neglect the people, places and the Mystery around me.The dark magic of divorce forces you to … [Read more...]