Blog of the Year

When I told my fellow pilgrims that we'd received an award for faith-based blog of the year, our associate editor Matt Lafleur responded, "Does this mean we'" Good question.Jonathan Ryan and I created this blog for the margins, the narrow audience not being served (or published) by Christian presses and magazines -- those of us who've never felt at home anywhere but are tired of traveling alone. That audience has turned out to be a lot bigger than we anticipated.The Wilbur … [Read more...]

And The Title For The Sick Pilgrim Book Is….

  Jess: What do you think we should name our book? Jonathan: I dunno, what do you think we can get away with? Jess: Hmm, how about, Strange Journey: How Two Homesick Pilgrims Stumbled Back Into the Catholic Church? Jonathan: Jess, they'll never go for it. Jess: ... Loyola Press: Hey, we actually came up with the subtitle, so we love it! All: (Much Rejoicing) Fin Coming Fall 2017  in book outlets everywhere from Loyola Press  … [Read more...]

Dear Pope Francis: A Theology Book for Adults

 My three hooligans love Pope Francis. They begged me to take them to Philadelphia for the papal visit last September (I couldn't, as it was a work trip).  While I was there, they kept asking for pictures and videos. And, of course, they insisted that I bring them back something.While looking around, I discovered the Pope Francis plush doll.  I revolted against the idea, at first,  thinking that it wasn't very spiritual. Then,  I realized I had lapsed back into a Gnostic Pre … [Read more...]