That viral video of the interrupted professor? I don’t think it’s funny.

It crowded my newsfeed on Friday, accompanied by many “LOLs” and my favorite “laughing to the point of tears” emoji.Robert E. Kelly, a political science professor based in South Korea, was being interviewed live on BBC from his home office when his toddler opened the door and bounded in, followed by a baby sibling in a walker.The professor reaches back with one arm and attempts to push the toddler away, while continuing to look into the camera and attempts to answer the questio … [Read more...]

Beyonce and the Black Madonna

 A few thoughts on Beyonce's pregnant body:It is breathtakingly beautiful.It is unashamedly sensual.And it is holy.Full stop.No qualifiers.Watching Beyonce's Grammy performance, I nearly wept. We've seen stylized photos of pregnant celebrities before--they're hardly controversial at this point. But I can't remember seeing a pregnant woman on stage at a mainstream cultural event, doing her thing--being an artist, interpreting, performing, working--instead of … [Read more...]

What it Means to be a Catholic Woman in Trump’s America

2016 was the year of my disillusionment.The election of Donald Trump seemed like a very laughable bad dream, like being in middle school when we used to devise masked ways to cuss (“Twat, did you say? I cunt hear you!”), only in Trump’s case, he really did say it, he most likely did it, and, my gosh, the Middle School just elected him president.And this was the candidate that I, as a Catholic woman who supports the protection of life from conception to natural death, was expected to line … [Read more...]