That Old Catholic Magic: Jacob Popcak Explains St. Patrick’s Day to Sick Pilgrim

We invited some Sick Pilgrims over to talk about one of our favorite saints, St Patrick, in honor of his feast day this Friday, March 17. And then Jacob Popcak took us all to school.First things first. St. Patrick wasn't Irish.Jacob Popcak: Patrick was a slave of the Irish, who escaped, became a priest, and came back to convert his captors. He loved them. Which is ... insane, from a modern perspective.David Russell Mosley: He wasn't "Celtic," or at least not Irish.Jonathan Ryan: H … [Read more...]

St. Patrick, Five Songs and Three Books for a Pilgrimage (It Begins)

  At 3:00 P.M. today, St. Patrick's Feast Day (appropriate, considering he was a Sick Pilgrim himself), I start my pilgrimage west with my kids. I've always loved St. Patrick and the Irish peregrini (casting themselves off in a boat and letting God direct their location). But, also, its my eldest's birthday, and he shares a middle name with the great saint.I'll drive to St. Louis, sleep for a few hours, pick them up at 3:00 in the morning (because I want them to sleep, … [Read more...]