“How about supper in the tub tonight, Hon?”


Happy anniversary to us.  Yes, it’s our 13th anniversary today.  We celebrated on Saturday, but I can’t really go into a lot of details because (a) it was so lovely and romantic, any descriptions would totally destroy that “second-rate slob who can’t do anything right” cred, and (b) this is a family blog.  Well, no it’s not, but never mind.  *sigh*  It was a very nice anniversary.  How often can you look back at a choice you made in your early twenties and go, “Yeah, I did that exactly right?”

One way indeed.

And yes, I’m also happy because today is the day I send in my book proposal.

For the book I’m writing.


I hope they can read the file, despite its being so drenched in blood, sweat, and tears (is that bad for files?).  So that was the big project I mentioned!  I hope to get back to more regular blogging now, and if you’ve nothing better to do, maybe you could offer up a quick prayer that if God wants this book to be written, that He will open the editorial board’s eyes to the splendor that is me and everything I have a hand in; and that if He doesn’t want it to be written, that He suddenly gets really preoccupied with the Israeli peace process or something, and doesn’t notice when the editorial board falls all over itself to offer me the standard rich and famous contract.

Oh, and here’s a note for anyone else thinking of writing a book:  of all the thousands of words I’ve written, rewritten, scrapped, totally rewritten, edited, proofread, and re-re-rewritten so far, you know what the hardest part was?  The cover letter.

  • Lisa Sweet

    Happy Anniversary, Simcha and Damien!

  • Celine

    Happy Anniversary!

    Congratulations on finishing your book–that is awesome.

  • http://www.patheos.com/blogs/simchafisher Simcha Fisher

    Thank you!

    Unfortunately, I haven’t finished the book – just sent in the proposal. It’s a big step,but not THAT big!

  • Judgmental Onlooker

    Excellent and wonderful on all counts! Can’t believe it’s been 13 years already- many, many happy more to you and Damien!

  • http://aussiecoffeeshop.blogspot.com Therese

    happy anniversary Simcha.

  • http://www.thewinedarksea.com/weblog.php MelanieB

    Happy anniversary! And congratulations on finishing your proposal!!!

  • Elizabeth Butina

    Happy anniversary! And I really hope I get to buy your book!

  • Charity

    Happy anniversary and good luck on the book!

  • http://arlinghaus.typepad.com bearing


  • Emily


    My gosh – a book? What is this world coming to? I’m guessing that you’re writing a special Catholic Mom edition of AA manuals. Anyone could give up cocktail hour just to read your hilarious musings!

  • http://sleepingugly.blogspot.com Another Julie

    13 happy years and a book. I couldn’t be happier for you and Damien, and if you don’t get published I will be truly shocked.

  • Kelley

    Happy Anniversary! It’s our anniversary too, but we’re six years (and three kids) behind you. I’m glad you had such a nice celebration!

  • http://remnantofremnant.blogspot.com priest’s wife

    Can’t wait to read the book

  • Denise

    Happy anniversary! And congratulations on 13 years and the book!

  • Bears2Cross

    Hooray for anniversary celebrations that go according to (or better than) plans! And good luck with the book–I’d love to read it! Blessings!

  • Claire

    Happy Anniversary! By the way, I just saw the nasty comment on the main page of your blog, by the person who says that you and Mark Shea are an embarrassment? I really don’t know who would think that, but I say take it as a compliment, because Mark Shea (and you) is awesome!

  • Sarah

    So that’s what the big project was– wow, very exciting! I think the title should be “Why Is This Wet?” that was my favorite alternate blog title. And Happy Anniversary– glad you had such a nice celebration.

  • Tonia

    Happy Anniversary!

    Best wishes on the book. If it’s published, I happen to know someone who needs an autographed copy. Just so you’re warned.

  • Katharine

    Happy Anniversary!

    I personally dislike cover letters. I understand all the supposed benefits but really I just want to let my work speak for itself and feel the cover letter is more of an opportunity to destroy my chances than to “impress”.

  • http://Www.cultivatingthegoodlife.com MamaBee

    I am thrilled you’ve written a book! Hoping and praying it’s published soon.

  • justine

    I love that wedding picture! And I love that you’re writing a book!

    Happy anniversary, folks.

  • Eileen

    Happy Anniversary! And many more years of health and happiness.

    Can’t wait to read your book!

  • gussie

    Great picture! (and nice shoes!) Good thing you followed the arrows on the pavement, see, that’s why you’re happy today. Imagine if that had been one way the other direction, and you in your bliss there probably weren’t even paying attention.

    A very happy anniversary to you. I look forward to the book too!

  • Becky Kelly

    sounds great. Can’t wait to read it!

  • Bob

    Really cool wedding picture. And yeah, there will be multiple requests for signed copies of the book here.

  • http://saintsinprogress.blogspot.com Nicole

    Many congratulations!

    As a better-than-sporadic reader, I would have thought you had a year on us. Turns out, if we’d done it exactly right we’d still have you beat by three weeks, and as it is (we jumped the gun) we’re nine months older than you, on the nose. (No, not that kind of jump-the-gun. :-))

    And good luck on the book. You always seem to be able to entertain and edify at the same time. I look forward to seeing you in real print.

  • lickona

    Any word?

    Oh, and congratulations!