Your patient has become humble.

Today’s post at the Register:  C. S. Lewis to the rescue again!

Which reminds me:  if you haven’t read The Screwtape Letters"", you should!  More startling and helpful ideas about how the human soul works than you can shake a stick at, and so entertaining and accessible.  It ought to be required reading for confirmation classes.

  • bearing

    Did you know there is a Screwtape Letters audiobook with the voice of Screwtape done by John Cleese?

    • Simcha Fisher

      I did not – but we just started getting into audiobooks, so this would be a good one to look out for – thanks!

  • richard

    Thanks for reminding about C. S. Lewis. Someone recommended that to me years ago but I have always put his writings on the “back burner”.

    • Simcha Fisher

      I haven’t read as much of his nonfiction as I would like, but he has a tremendous gift of clarity, and his writing is very, very easy to read, despite being full of profound ideas. Screwtape Letters is pretty short, too! I honestly have never met anyone who didn’t like it.

  • Brian Sullivan (@bcsny47)

    The John Cleese reading of Screwtape is great. Just be careful about turning up the volume when he gets quiet, unless you want to either blow your speakers or jump higher than you ever have in your life! Just sayin’.

  • victor

    I own the recent, Focus on the Family produced, dramatized (or dramatised) audio version of Screwtape with Andy Serkis as the voice of Screwtape. It is excellent and worth the money.

  • elaine

    I have just finished listening to the Screwtape Letters (abridged) as read by John Cleese. I just can’t imagine any other voice when I think of this story. He (John Cleese) allows C.S. Lewis’ work to glow. He evokes humor and horror with his narration, often in the same sentence. When he instructs patience on the part of his junior tempter so that he may bring a soul as an “cup, filled to the brim” with shock and dismay…it’s chilling. You may have a hard time finding this version. I am in the process of converting these old cassettes into MP3. Look for it! You will never be the same after you listen.

  • jeni

    I haven’t read it, but now I will. Thanks. Also, I am a confirmation sponsor this year so that gives me a good gift idea! :)

  • Rebecca

    Even though I was not a Christian in high school, I spent a great deal of my time reading everything I could get my hands on by Lewis. He’s powerful. Time to go back and do some re-reading. Great post as usual, Simcha.