One reason I love Facebook . . .

is that you sit down at your computer with your morning coffee and read something like this.  From Leticia Ochoa Adams:

Today is my blue eyed boy’s 13th birthday. Daniel was 5 months old when I found out my birth control failed and I was pregnant with my third child. I was working at Hooter’s and my ex-husband was a drug addict who threw me around anytime I wouldn’t give him money when he asked for it and I knew he was going on a binge. That is why I was on birth control, to make sure I didn’t get pregnant. So when I found out, in the bathroom at Hooters, that I was I was scared. Probably more scared than when I found out I was pregnant with Anthony. One girl mentioned abortion and as soon as she said it all the other girls and my manager said “you don’t have to do that. We will help you.” That’s why I love my time there. And why I am proud to say I was a Hooters Girl. Because they supported me when I needed them. When I told everyone else I was pregnant I didn’t get any congrats, or YEY another baby, or anything. I got that look. Anyone who has had kids 14 months apart or closer knows the look. Jessica Simpson is getting that look and tone right now because she is pregnant again and her baby is “only 8 months old”.

But let me tell you what the world would be missing if I had had abortion and Gabe wasn’t alive right now, if my birth control had not failed the world would be missing a wonderful human being. He has always been my little man. He was my hope when things seemed so hard. He cried for me when I would leave him. He’s the only one of my kids who ever cried for me. He is the only one of the grand kids with blue eyes. He has a wicked sense of humor. He is so smart. He started talking at 6 months old and walking at 9 months. He was so tiny walking around and talking. Mark Gabriel Jacobs is the light of my life. The world would not be the same if he was not in it. The last 13 years of being his mother have given me awesome memories and I wouldn’t trade then for the world.

I sit here today thanking God that He knew better than me and gave me this child when it made no sense for a responsible person to get pregnant. I thank Him for all my kids. If I wasn’t a mother, I would be nothing.

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  • Sue

    Happy birthday to Mark! Thanks for sharing such a touching and and beautiful story.

  • Christie Martin @ Garden of Holiness

    I am so happy to be able to say, “Happy birthday!” to momma and son! Thanks for making the world a better place by bringing your son into it. Wait…that sounds vaguely familiar…

  • L.

    Happy story, until the very last line.

    • Simcha Fisher

      @L., remember that it was just a status update on Facebook, and doesn’t give the entire context of her remark! Check out Letitia’s blog

      to see where she’s coming from; and also see the rest of the Facebook conversation, after another woman assured her that she was not “nothing:”

      “I think that people didn’t really get what I mean by I would be nothing unless you know my story. I got pregnant when I was 16 with my oldest child. (Anthony) when I got pregnant with him I was acting out from having been sexually abused as a child. Something that haunted me most of my life. Had I not had that child at 17 I have no doubt that I would have become a prostitute and on drugs. No doubt, because sex and anything that helped numb me was what I wanted so I could cope. So having him saved my life. GOD saved me by giving me a reason to live and be a good mom. I spent the next 15 years still acting out sexually thinking God had forgotten about me, then 3 years ago I walked into a Catholic parish and started RCIA. The first night when the teaching was on the Love of God, I sat in my car sobbing for 20 mins and in the next 9 months I came to realize that God was always with me. That He loves me and I fell in love with Jesus. The miracles that have happened since I started RCIA are too many to post on Simcha’s wall, but trust me when I tell you that I am humbly, absolutely 100% sure of the fact that God is in love with me and I am His.

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      and then later another FB friend said:

      “I understood your last line Leticia. My life was in a bit of a death spiral with all the fallout from an abusive childhood catching up with me in my early 20s and getting pregnant with my first gave me motivation to pull up, because I could take care of myself and be a better woman for a baby when I couldn’t for myself.

      19 hours ago · Like · 1″

      and Letitia responded:

      Leticia Ochoa Adams ^^^That. Exactly.

      18 hours ago · Like

      • L.

        Thank you SO MUCH for responding — a fuller picture really clarifies what she meant. My instinct, too, would be to say, “Your children may be great and you may be a wonderful mother, but you would be far from ‘nothing’ without them!”

        I had a high school friend long ago, in a similar downward spiral, and having her son was what pulled her out, in very much the same way. Becoming a parent and stepping up the responsibility is sometimes the catalyst for incredible positive changes.

  • Michelle

    Oh my, thank you so much for sharing this because it brought happy tears to my eyes. Happy birthday to this blessed boy!

  • Dave

    What a beautiful and powerful testament to the power of love and trust in God. Thanks so much for sharing!!

  • Sarah

    That made my day! Happy Birthday to mama & son both :)

  • annebendera

    Love the last sentence.

  • fivehalos

    Thanks for sharing that.

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  • theramblingsofacrazyface

    Thank you everyone for the Birthday wishes for my son. :)

  • anna lisa

    Wow, I just loved this! What refreshing honesty, and that undeniable reality that God’s grace rains down everywhere where souls will welcome it– not the least of these places being Hooters! Yes, children are ALWAYS BLESSINGS, no matter what the circumstances. Birthday blessings in abundance on the Birthday boy.:)

  • Linda

    What a beautiful, beautiful story. Thanks for sharing this.

  • Ez

    Wow. What a beautiful mother. Love the last line.

  • Sandy

    Thank you for sharing this!!! It’s so beautiful. Not only is it a good reminder on how precious life is, but also on how many blessings we get from a situation that feels so difficult at first.

  • Jennifer Fulwiler (@conversiondiary)

    Thanks for posting this. Leticia is a local friend of mine, and Joe and I often remark that she and her husband are some of our favorite people. She’s even more inspiring in person than she comes across on FB! :)

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