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shark sex

taxidermied cats in clothes

poop panic

pro llama

sexy spaghettios

sit down hobbies

speaking toilet

mustache villain


bolo bouncer

rutger hauer

couldn’t hoit to ask

is there anything i can do to prevent homeschool

what teen books are out there to help feel good

how to explain to grade schoolers what the kidneys do

do the jews control the world

i speed because i have to poop

ugly people in santa hat

eating refried beans while breastfeeding

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mandy patinkin

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simcha fisher bitch


  • GeekLady

    Madame Fisher, you win the Internet.

  • richard


  • Simcha Fisher

    Sorry, everybody – I put this on autopublish on Saturday, and then forgot about it! Not terribly fitting, in light of the news about the Pope.

  • Anne

    meh it’s nice to have something frivolous and funny in the midst of freakout i think

  • GeekLady

    He hasn’t died, in which case it would not have been fitting. But, while its certainly a specific call to prayer this Lent, I don’t think announcing his resignation carries the same “no silliness!” impact.

  • Kate

    I love the juxtaposition of ‘sit down hobbies’ and ‘speaking toilets’. :-D

  • Sheila

    I must be missing something, I though someone hacked your blog. What in the world is this about?

  • anna lisa

    Lol! I’m careful that I don’t Google anything too embarrassing if I have your blog page open, but I can never vouch for my children who can’t resist an open laptop.

    The human condition IS poetry! You are such a giver to connect the dots for us. Thanks for the laugh. God must get a big kick out of us– like the antics of our toddlers.


    The shock is wearing off about our dear, lovely, lovable Pope, but I think he is playing a mean game of chess. Humble, yes, but so bright, so sharp. I’m even more impressed by him. He doesn’t care about exiting our poor world with Pomp and Circumstance. God bless him, bless him, bless him!

  • rebeccafletcher9

    There is NOTHING you can do to prevent homeschool!

    I must say, I’ve been following your blog for some time now, and I’ve yet to see a single picture of Mandy Patinkin, nude or otherwise.

  • GeekLady

    Sheila, I believe these are search terms used by random Internet strangers where Simcha’s blog was clicked on from the search results.

    I get a lot of “emergency bacon”s myself, but I’ve never seen anything quite like this list.

  • priest’s wife (@byzcathwife)

    the last phrase- OUCH! some people are so mean

  • Deirdre Mundy

    I’ve found the best way to prevent homeschooling is to spend all morning on facebook and blogs reading about the pope’s abdication. Worked like a charm today… ended up with a house full of cranky kids begging to do school so they could get their Wii time! However, tomorrow I will have to pull myself together and NOT prevent homeschooling.

  • mary

    I haven’t laughed that hard in a long, long time (except for the last line, which made me want to sock someone in the nose). My 17 yo was reading over my shoulder, and we’ve been following each other around all day whispering “Mandy Patinkin” and busting out in immature snarky giggle fits. Thanks for that!