Mother Eye/Father Eye

Our first day at the beach, finally! We went for a quick evening dip at the town pond. First I had the camera:


and then, seconds later, my husband had it:



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  • richard

    Great idea. I understand that the weather there permits only about 3 months for those kinds of activities.

  • anna lisa

    You gotta admit. She’s having more fun than us.

    That’s it. I’m replacing my bikini top with love beads too.

    Darn Adam and Eve.

  • Aileen

    Anna Lisa, that cracked me up!!!

    That baby girl is the cutest!!!

  • findmeinfloridaagain

    Does not look like the beach. I live in Tampa, Florida and this bleep blop storm is not A BIG DEAL. IT IS NO BIG DEAL . It looks like the mud hole.