Archangel Radio is rebroadcasting my live hour

This was tons of fun to do, so I’m glad the’re rebroadcasting it.  If you  hear “Catholic radio” and think “borrrrrr-ing” then you need to listen to the live hour on WNGL.  These guys are hilarious.  There was shouting.  Shouting about NFP.

The show I was on will air tomorrow, Tuesday, Dec. 10 from 7-8 a.m. CST and again at 9-10 p.m. CST.   You can listen online here.

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  • Andi Sligh

    Listening now! I missed a few minutes because of morning prayers with the kids but I’ve heard most of it. FYI – the principles of NFP played a big role in my conversion to the Catholic Church. When we were trying to conceive my daughter I read a book on it, which led me to study other things the church taught.