Would your kids know what to do if someone molested them?


 I don't care about the Duggars any more than I care about any family in the news. Many Catholics see them as role models, but  they seem to have attitudes about children and women which are antithetical to Catholic ideas. Did their son molest girls because of his upbringing? Maybe, maybe not.  I'm not familiar enough with their parenting style to know. I do know that it's possible for parents to do their hardest to raise their kids right, and their kids do shitty things anyway. It's al … [Read more...]

Only a rightly-ordered heart feels grief


  e know some couples who don't fight very much, but they don't seem to really enjoy each other, either. They more or less leave each other alone, with a sort of low-level, courteous disdain for each other's enthusiasms and flaws alike. They never experience the agony of rupture because they've carefully cordoned themselves off from any passionate unity. They are indifferent, because it's easier. And this indifference is a tragic waste of marriage.Read the rest at the … [Read more...]

The Rubberbandians

photo (56)

Or, Why You Should Have a Bunch of Weird Kids and a Giant Dog.I had to run to the pharmacy, and when I got  home, this is what met me in the driveway.  The little one shouted, "WE ARE RUBBERBANDIANS, AND HAVE SPEARS!"Note that they all have rubber bands on their foreheads (or, as the three-year-old calls them, "our brains."   Also note the progress of the dog. We sometimes sing the Little Mermaid song in Boomer's voice, and it g … [Read more...]

A little fish can go a long way!


He had to rethink his strategy. A good idea is only a good idea if people will actually use it. So instead of distributing the iron in formless lumps, he tried shaping the iron into a fish -- specifically, one local to the communities he hoped to help.Read the rest at the Register. ***image via Wikimedia Commons  … [Read more...]

How to set the new style Clearblue fertility monitor ahead five days for Marquette NFP

clearblue monitor

As new Marquette NFP users, we decided to buy the new style fertility monitor, which came out in January of this year. We figured it would be the standard eventually, and that sooner or later there would be no tech support for the old style monitor. Plus, it's cheaper than the old one -- although the old one occasionally goes on sale at Rite Aid. In postpartum cycles before menses return, you're supposed to create artificial cycles by setting the monitor ahead five days; but the new … [Read more...]

Yes, I want to see your scary toe.

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My son goes, "Want to see my scary toe?"Oh man, what now? I think. One kid has weird shovel toenails, one has warts, one got stung on the foot by a bee, and one has some kind of horrible scar (and I'm such a good mother, I can't even remember why). Of course I want to see your scary toe!Behold, the scariest toe you will see all day:   … [Read more...]

My Dear Graduates


For some reason, nobody ever asks me to give the commencement address at their local high school or college. This despite the fact that I promised to wear pantyhose and everything, and to leave the bottle at home. Bunch of anti-Semites. Anyway, I’m not one to be bitter. I’m not going to let this snubbing gnaw away at me. I’m just going to go ahead and write that speech anyway, and print out several copies of it, and keep them in the diaper bag in the car, next to the Luger PO8 and the farewell n … [Read more...]