Time for married priests?

Why doesn't the Latin Rite Church just start ordaining married men again? If men can't or won't stay celibate, then why force the issue?  Well, I peeked into the future, when married priests are commonplace, and this is what I heard in the pews:"Well!  I see the pastor's wife is pregnant again!  What is she trying to prove?  Must be nice to pop 'em out year after year, while the parish has to support all those brats."or:"Well!  I see another year has gone by and the pastor's wife still is … [Read more...]

Seven Fat Takes

Seven Reasons Why Being Fat May Be the Right Choice For You  . . . Today!1.  You are so comfortable for the kids to snuzzle up with, especially in the winter.  As Mighty Mighty pointed out in the comments box of this post, kids always think bigger is better; and being nice and soft, with no bunchy muscles or anything, makes it even nicer.  Not only for the kids, either.2.  Fashionwise, it's a great time to be fat.  You have sartorial choices like never before.  Fifteen years ago, … [Read more...]

Here in Topeka

Sorry for the silence, folks.  I'm suffering from 80% disease:  I have about six posts 80% written, and then I say, "Yeah, that's pretty much it -- I'll just go back and finish it up tonight."  And then I dye my hair, change my social security number, and move to Canada so I don't have to deal with it.In the mean time, I offer you this Loretta Lynn song that my mother sent me.  I've never heard it before, but I love it!  It's actually named "One's On the Way," but I didn't want to title the p … [Read more...]

I feel so moron

what the hell is planet aidwhat is the process of wearing my shoesis it stupid to have 3 kids under 3what time does snappy's closevery short cut porno pantsdon't have an hourglass figureyour a wienersnapy sexscotch taped rabbitdoglori pettylori pettylori petty  + boobssimcha fisher horses buttlori petty nudewhy does my guy on harvest moon a wonderfull life always look unhappy even if he isnt hungry?simcha fisher "moral theologian"dont ha halucky charms … [Read more...]

Brilliant Men in Dark Boxes

(cross-posted at Inside Catholic's blog)My heart sank when I saw this picture on Creative Minority Report:The NAACP hid a prominent statue of George Washington inside a wooden box during a MLK Day rally, offering the terminally lame excuse that the box would make a more suitable backdrop for the rally's speakers.   The NAACP denies any intention of disrespect, but their narrow view of history is no secret:  anyone who owned slaves is a racist, and anyone who is a racist cannot be ca … [Read more...]

Wednesday Throwback: In which I try desperately to edify myself

(This post originally appeared in my old blog a few years ago.  I know it's Wednesday, which is not a good day for a Thursday Throwback, but at the last minute [specifically, 2 a.m., when I was up getting my son some codeine for his throat], I decided that the post I had scheduled for today was too personal, to weird, too easily misconstrued, and above all too full of lady talk.   So,  you're welcome!  And yes, it is Wednesday.)I've read a few religious mommy blogs in my time, so I know the r … [Read more...]

Ordinary Time: A Revelation

Ooh, doesn't that sound like a good post?  You can read it at Conversion Diary, where Jen Fulwiler has graciously lent me some space for a guest post today.  It's about something I just figured out:  baby Jesus being born is a lot like a baby being born.  No, really!If you don't read Conversion Diary regularly, you're nuts.  Jen is a Catholic convert from atheism, now expecting her fifth child, and always has something unusual, insightful, or funny to say about her growing understanding of th … [Read more...]