Dear Justine

Today's guest post is written by a fine woman who more or less strong-armed me into being her friend.  Like so many fabled relationships, it all began online.  And, if a restraining order means anything at all anymore, it'll stay there.However,  I want it known that this post was published entirely of my own free will, and has nothing to do with blackmail, coercion, or any kind of weird, contagious, free-floating Italian guilt (is that a thing?).  We both like to tease, but deep down are dec … [Read more...]

The Difference Between Men and Women, vol. 3(?)

Sorry for the late start this morning, folks.  We are in the throes of August Fun Panic, and are rushing to create sufficient evidence that we had a nice summer -- so I am a leetle bit behind on everything (by which I mean the kids are eating raw oatmeal out of sandwich bags for breakfast).While I get caught up, here is something I heard on Car Talk yesterday on the car radio.  I laughed so hard, someone in an Audi actually yielded to me, just to get his car away from my car.  I believe that … [Read more...]

The Perils of Excessive Modesty

Today I'm over at The Inside Blog, talking about a new take on modesty.  The blogging wife of a protestant minister at Musings of a Young Mom (don't worry, her writing is much better than the title of her blog) argues that excessive modesty objectifies women (which reminds of me of gluttonous thin people).And we're off to the fair!  That's not an expression - we really are off to the fair, and expect to be half-dead by early afternoon. … [Read more...]

Seven Quick Takes: “Isn’t It Holy?” Edition

It's so linky around here today, I can hardly stand it!   I'm doing Seven Quick Takes with Jen from Conversion Diary, and responding to a rare tagging from The Anchoress.She lists her five favorite Catholic devotions, and she wants to know what mine (and yours) are.Now, I'm in kind of a spot here.On one hand, the last six months or so have seen me practicing Catholic devotions in the same way as my three-year-old has been practicing personal hygiene:  whining and screaming and making … [Read more...]

Thursday Throwback: COEXIST

No one asked for it, but today I'm reprinting something from my old blog.  It has special meaning for me, because it marks the day that an entire branch of my extended family stopped speaking to me.----------------------------------------------------In the "I'm Too Late For a Dentist Appointment To Key Your Car Right Now, But I'll Get You Later" department, we have this bumper sticker:which has been cropping up all over our area.I live near a college town, which makes me, by … [Read more...]

“I’m not a homosexual. I’m a man.”

Come on over and see me at Faith and Family today (for real this time!), where I have a short interview with a young, gay, faithful Catholic man.  You'll like him -- he's so clean and articulate!  But something tells me Joe Biden would not be impressed.And hello and welcome to Faith and Family and Creative Minority Report readers.  Stick around for tomorrow, when we will  . . . okay, I have no idea what we will be doing tomorrow.  The Jerk, who usually reviews movies on Thursdays, is taki … [Read more...]


My apologies for the post I just deleted, which said I had a feature on Faith and Family today.  I was warned in plenty of time that that article would be bumped to Wednesday, but I forgot to change the scheduled publishing time on my post here, so it went up before I was even out of bed.  Sorry about that!  There's usually something interesting at Faith and Family anyway, but, you know, tomorrow it will be meeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. … [Read more...]