I’ll be speaking in Manchester, NH in a few weeks

st joseph family center moms night out

... at the Mom's Night Out at Ste. Marie Parish Campus on Carter St., on Friday, September 26, 7:00 – 9:00 pmMore about the event here, and you can register online here. Hope to see you there! … [Read more...]

I’ll be on Radio Maria’s “From the Rooftops” Wednesday morning

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 Deacon Harold Burke-Sivers was tons of fun to talk to last time, when we discussed NFP and my book. Tomorrow at 11 Eastern, we'll be discussing various issues that crop up in marriage and family life. Okay, fine, I don't actually know what we'll be talking about! Not vaccines, though!You can listen online here.  Hope you can tune in! … [Read more...]

Love, Blame and Hope in the Movie MUD


This movie wasn't about what is wrong with women, or what is wrong with men. It was more about how difficult love is, and how little it helps when we lie to ourselves. It was a sorrowful movie, but not a depressing one; and it left lots of room for at least some of the characters to learn from their suffering and to forgive the people who failed them. Yes, the snakes that have been waiting will get you in the end. No, you will not die. But don't let yourself get bitten again -- unless it's for … [Read more...]

Men, try whispering these seven simple words into your woman’s ear, and watch her melt.

words of love

"I did that insurance paperwork for you." … [Read more...]

Why I don’t say “I’m so blessed.”

grunewald crucifixion

The other day, a woman lashed out at me for announcing my latest pregnancy online. This particular woman's stock in trade is lashing out; and since I'm pretty sure I don't (as she accused me of doing) parade my perfect children around like perfect trophies to prove that I'm a perfect Catholic mom, I didn't give her anger much thought. Just another angry person on the internet.Later, out of curiosity, I read more of her comments. And then my heart broke.It was a lot of what I expected: Y … [Read more...]

What About Behavioral and Spiritual Arguments Against Vaccines?


As we can see from Tuesday's post and the response to it, it's not necessarily clear what we mean when we say "science" or "medicine." So let's put science and medicine aside entirely for a moment, and let's focus on two arguments against vaccines that I keep hearing -- arguments which don't appeal to science at all, but which are spiritual and behavioral.Read the rest at the Register.   Note: any snark, condescension, lack of charity, arrogance, self-pity, logical fallacies or otherwise insu … [Read more...]

How I feel at Patheos sometimes

Especially with all the hotshot upstarts amazing talent Elizabeth has been bringing on board lately, like Kyle Cupp, Artur Roseman at Cosmos the In Lost, Tom Zampino at Grace Pending, Ben Conroy at Shadows on the Road, and Rebecca Frech at Shoved to Them.Gee . . .  That’s me, that third guy, looking more and more nervous. Luckily, they are more than willing to pass the bottle and share a manly hand clasp of solidarity. Do yourself a favor and see who has something to … [Read more...]