Seven Frozen Takes, in which yes yes yes, Simcha sings “Let It Go”

overnight chili

  --1-- As I may have mentioned, last night I sang everybody's favorite song in the world that is easy to sing and that no one is at all tired of hearing, because Robin met (and beat!) the $4,000 mark for her soap-making enterprise.  I did practice, kind of a lot.  I'm telling you this now, because you definitely will not be able to tell.   --2-- Yesterday, I told the kids that if they did their evening chores really quickly, we would be able to watch Frozen, which they hadn't … [Read more...]

Yes, FINE, you raised over $4,000

simcha frozen

Time for this big mouth to Google "Let It Go karaoke lower pitch." And find out if we still have any Percocet in the house. Stay tuned. And hey, Robin is still hoping to hit the $5,000 mark! Every penny will go to something good and worthwhile, I promise you. It's much easier to make wonderful soap when you're not worried about paying for rent and groceries until that first batch sells.  Thank you, so much, to everyone who's donated so far. Except for Brandon Vogt, and Brandon Vogt knows … [Read more...]

At the Register: The Evil Child’s Guide to Holy Week

Parents say "Holy Week"; kids hear "Whatcha got?" … [Read more...]

The Sinner’s Guide to Natural Family Planning ON SALE.


Use this link and get my book directly from Our Sunday Visitor for only $8. You too can have the SGNFP experience, now at a discount . . . BUT FOR HOW LONG????* * a few weeks … [Read more...]

My interview on Omaha’s Spirit Radio

I had the nicest conversation about my book with Kris McGregor of "Discerning Hearts Presents" yesterday morning. It will be broadcast later this week, and also Saturday morning at 11 am Central. It just went into the online archive, and you can listen here. … [Read more...]

At the Register: Teaching Contempt for Rules

Yay, my hometown made national news! Boo, my hometown is exactly like I remember it, which is why I'm here and not there. … [Read more...]

Polio and Mumps are manageable diseases


Here's something I just saw on Facebook, in response to an article about lies spread by pro-vaccine doctors: These illnesses are manageable. Here are some children managing polio: And here is a baby managing whooping cough (pertussis): I'm closing comments on this because there is NOTHING TO SAY. I understand being afraid of vaccines. As with so many worthwhile things, vaccines have some risk. But to say that the diseases they prevent are "manageable" -- well, there is nothing … [Read more...]

Thank you / Don’t you dare


LOOK WHAT YOU DID! About 24 hours after I first posted about Robin's GoFundMe campaign, she is fully funded. She can now get started buying supplies and equipment to make and sell lovely, lovely goat milk soap to support her family. This is amazing. This is wonderful. And I don't mean to sound smug, but this is utterly predictable, because I knew you guys were this generous! People have been donating, sharing, and offering prayers and encouragement for Robin nonstop. So, so great.  From … [Read more...]

Can you help my hard-working friend?

November 6 2012 18

This weekend, my friend Robin Broun of Kentucky launched a GoFundMe campaign. Her goal is to raise $3,000 to buy supplies for a soap-making business in her home, so she can support her family. I know there are fundraising pleas allllll the time. I'm not going to try to guilt you into supporting this one (although if you could take a minute and share the page on Facebook, Twitter, or elsewhere, that would be wonderful).  The soap is gorgeous and luscious in its own right, allergen-free and … [Read more...]

Seven quick, gratifying reads


--1-- Okay, so this is not exactly this but if you want to understand someone, it's always helpful to learn a bit about the culture they come from. From (huh!): 15 differences between a normal friend and an Argentinean friend. Cute.   --2-- A quick and insightful post from Clare Short, The Mantilla Blues, which is not really about veiling, per se, but about how we think we can hide from God by doing God stuff, and God is like, "Stop it, silly. I can see … [Read more...]