Gynocentric beverages, parking for cripples, and Nigel’s hetero stage

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Afraid the world is getting smarter?  Set your fears to rest with this story from my increasingly schizophrenic home state of New Hampshire, where we just can’t decide if we’re all about rugged individualism, progressive environmentalism, or just good old fashioned booze chugging: Hybrids Trump Handicapped At Liquor Store In order to receive Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design certification, Nashua’s new 20,000-square foot liquor store, which is owned and operated by the state, was “b … [Read more...]

Hot showers for the homeless, courtesy of St. Peter


It's been many years since I was in Rome, but I remember my first impression of the city: it's extremely beautiful, and it smells like poop. Part of that smell comes because Italians tend to have dogs, rather than children. And part of the smell comes because, at least when I was there, public bathrooms are few and far between, and they are coin operated. The phrase "eternal city" takes on a whole new meaning when you are penniless, on foot, and have nowhere to go for hour upon hour. For a col … [Read more...]

On Valentine’s day, communication, and not getting kicked in the nuts

Here lies Doug, the perfect husband

 This year, I revealed to my husband that I actually kind of like Valentine’s Day.  This is despite all the times I told him that I hated it, it’s lame and stupid, and a made-up, over-commercialized saccharine-fest invented by Hallmark and Big Floral.   For fourteen years, the poor man has been wondering why, every February 14, I would say I wasn’t mad at him, while I was clearly mad at him.I was mad, you see, because everyone else was getting flowers and riding in heart-shaped hot a … [Read more...]

Autographed books for Valentine’s Day: UPDATED

book set valentines day

UPDATE: Thanks for the orders, folks! Leaning Into Love is sold out (from my stash, I mean; you can still order from OSV,  naturally!). I still have a few copies of The Sinner's Guide to Natural Family Planning left. To receive an autographed copy for Valentine's Day, YOU MUST ORDER TODAY OR SATURDAY the 7th BEFORE 11 EASTERN. I will still accept orders after that time, but I cannot guarantee they will get to you by the 14th. **** I’m not going to tell you to get your wife a book or two for Va … [Read more...]

10 Things I Had Mercifully Forgotten About the Third Trimester of Pregnancy


 1. You may know where the baby is going to come out, but your joints aren't sure. So they alllllll relax, all over your body, just in case you need to prepare for, for instance, a mandibular delivery. On the up side, the spectacle of you trying to get out of a car with your useless, floppy puppet legs is hilarious, and will win you many admirers. Among jerks.2. Doesn't matter if it's a penny, a pork chop, or the last existing original copy of the Declaration of Independence wrapped … [Read more...]

Over and over again


Pro-lifers routinely refer to "the miracle of life," a phrase which isn't really technically accurate.  A miracle is, strictly theologically speaking, an event which wouldn't happen ordinarily in nature.  It's something which only happens because of the special intervention of God. If you're going to look at sheer numbers, it's hard to imagine anything less miraculous, or more ordinary and natural than the conception of a child.  It's something that's happened billions of times, often without an … [Read more...]

If you watch garbage, you will get dirty.


We are in denial about how vulnerable our hearts really are. Watching brutality makes us brutal. Torturing our emotions inevitably makes torture seem more normal, not less.Read the rest at the Register.image via Bing … [Read more...]