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The "Be Bold" rosary bracelet from Apple and Azalea

I do love handmade gifts. I've featured Robin's handmade soaps many times, and yesterday's post featured Theresa Barger's Apple and Azalea shop, where you can buy handmade rosary bracelets and other items with free shipping.Who else has an Etsy shop, or other online store for homemade goods? Leave a link and a short description in the comments.Please note, in  your comment or at least in your shop, the last day you can accept orders with guaranteed Christmas delivery! Many's the time … [Read more...]

Crappy solemnity to you; or, Maculate. All too maculate.

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Black eye: Despite being Facebook friends with All The Catholics, I somehow didn't realize today was a Holy Day of Obligation until about 10 a.m.Feather in my cap: We figured out a way to get everyone to Mass without too much suffering: Damien would go into work late and bring the older girls, who had a day off for some reason, to noon Mass. Then, in the evening, they would stay home with the youngest kids while I took the middle kids to Mass, while Damien worked late. Not ideal, but not too … [Read more...]

Why it’s all right to say I “have” to go to Mass today

mary mother of church

This morning, I was stunned -- stunned, I tell you! -- to realize that today is the feast of the Immaculate Conception, which is always a Holy Day of Obligation in the United States, even if it falls on a Saturday or a Monday. I posted something on Facebook about "yes, you HAVE to go to Mass today."  I felt a familiar qualm about using that language, "have to go to Mass." As someone inevitably points out, we don't have to go to Mass; we get to go to Mass. If Catholicism were outlawed, or if we … [Read more...]

Free shipping on rosary bracelets and more from Apple and Azalea

garnet rosary

My dear friend Theresa Barger makes elegant rosary bracelets and other jewelry.She's offering free shipping for my readers on orders of $10 or more through 12/20! (Free shipping orders are guaranteed to arrive by Christmas if you order by 12/17. For Christmas orders placed after the 17th, you may upgrade the shipping.) Use the coupon code ThanksSimcha (eeee! My first coupon code!) when you order. Theresa also takes special orders, so if you have a specific color or stone in mind, let … [Read more...]

This beats Cat Hole Road

uk rude map

. . . which is where I used to go for walks as a callow youth in my hometown.As Mark Shea would say, "Hi. I'm twelve. This is funny":  a map of all the rude place names in the UK. Here's one detail, from Northumberland:  a region renowned for its fine cheeses, its historical castles and gardens, its birdwatching, and also a delightful congruence of Whamlands, Dirt Pot, Cock Wood, and Hairy Side. That's it, I'm booking our next vacation there, unless I can find a … [Read more...]

Seven Quick Takes: Oy, have you got the wrong number

"Unstable? Secretive? Bathed in nervous sweat? HOT DIGGITY!"

--1-- It being Advent, it occurred to me that Toad more or less makes an act of contrition in "Alone" in Frog and Toad All Year:"Frog! I am sorry for the dumb things I do. I am sorry for all the silly things I say. Please be my friend again!" And then he falls into the water with all his sandwiches, amen.  --2-- Here is a picture of Arnold Lobel with his daughter, Adrianne:found here. It says: She says what she learnt most from her father as an artist was “discipline … [Read more...]

Broken Windows and Depersonalization

eric garner

One aspect of a "broken windows" policy indisputably works, and that is the idea of cutting off crime at the root, before it has a chance to blossom. But there are different ways to cut crime off. You could go in like a bulldozer, crushing petty criminals like Garner into the ground. Or you could do what a town in North Carolina did: they identify the petty criminals who help sustain the criminal subculture -- and they give them a chance to get out, before they "blossom" into dangerous of … [Read more...]