Breasts? Mary? La la la . . .


I'm actually working on a post about whether or not breastfeeding is sexy, but in the meantime, this painting of Mary nursing baby Jesus is cracking me up:  Our Lady of La Leche by Lorenzo Zaragoza [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons Found via Jen Fitz, who used it to illustrate the karaoke party that you narrowly avoided by going to my virtual baby shower hosted by Rebecca Frech, rather than a physical one. (She also included a drink recipe, a trend which is quickly making t … [Read more...]

A baby shower! For me!

hot chocolate drink

Ideally, I'd love to meet all of you in person, offer you some sheet cake covered with pink, Crisco-flavored icing rosebuds, make you play humiliating games involving the sniffing of diapers, and then you give me presents. Doesn't that sound nice?But since I am here and you are there, the lovely and intrepid Rebecca Frech is hosting a vitual baby shower for me over at Shoved to Them.Is it a Texas thing to have alcohol at baby showers? Because she's got alcohol (or a recipe, a … [Read more...]

Things You Don’t Want Steam In: A Short List

L0006579 Engraving: 'Monster Soup..." by William Heath

image via Creative Commons Things you want steam in:Your nasal passages, to clear congestion Your bedroom, to add moisture to the air in the winter Your bathroom, to get wrinkles out of that delicate silk dress Your kitchen, to diffuse pleasant, cozy smells of a homecooked mealThings you don't want steam in:Your vagina. For any reason.Yes, there are people who don't intuitively grasp this. People who don't realize that "forgotten ancient wisdom" is often forgotten for a r … [Read more...]

Obedience Gives Us Jesus


Image courtesy of Wikimedia Commons  Why tell us that Jesus is the Son of God as soon as He does the one thing that the Son of God doesn't really need to do? What does this tell us?Read the rest at the Register.   … [Read more...]

Mark Shea shares his radio show with me again today

connecting the dots

5-6 PM Eastern! Listen live here at Real Life Radio.Hope you can join us, and maybe call in. 1-855-949-1380Mark has a different co-host each day, Weekdays at 5PM EST            Saturday at 8AM EST;  Sunday at 10PM ESTMark Shea's "Connecting the Dots" takes a look at everything from pork to pyrotechnics as we explore this delightful, tragic, ordinary, extraordinary, sinful, and redeemed world through eyes of Catholic faith and seek to live as intentional disciples of Jesus Christ in … [Read more...]

Hooray, I wrote a bizarre book that should have been stopped!

sgnfp stack

At least according to Tiffany Willis, in her piece 27 Bizarre Religious Book Titles that Should Have Been Stopped. I'm #27!According to her bio, the blogger Tiffany Willis "has spent most of her career actively working with 'the least of these' and disadvantaged and oppressed populations."Sister, if you can find anyone more disadvantaged than the author of a book about NFP, you're a better finder than I am. Still, to have my slim volume in the company of Communism, Hypnotism, and the … [Read more...]

I’m tired of hearing that everything crappy is feminized.

tridentine mass

photo by the Priestly Fraternity of Saint Peter, available from What did Cardinal Burke actually say about the feminization of the Church? I still haven't read it, but I'm guessing it's like a lot of what he says: true and necessary, but expressed in a frustratingly tone-deaf way that is more or less guaranteed to encourage argy bargy. Sorry, but that does seem to be his specialty. So I haven't read it, because I already have my own opinions about the priest shortage and about a … [Read more...]