Oy, was I toisty! Five Summer Cocktails that Even You Can Make

galloping fish

  It's so important to stay hydrated in the summer. If the only way to achieve this is to drink too much and then spend the next day guzzling water to try to wash your headache away, then so be it! Therefore, in the name of health, and because Eve Tushnet's post about ice cream sodas reminded me about drinking, here are a few of our favorite summer drinks:***1. THE ANGRY PIRATESometimes known, by people who actually know the names of drinks, as DARK AND STORMY. … [Read more...]

Love in Action: Shoes that Grow

shoe that grows

But what if you can't buy a new pair of shoes for your growing child? What if your child must go barefoot, or cut the toes out of shoes that are too small? And what if your child walks miles every day to get to school, and what if he is constantly picking up diseases and parasites through the inevitable cuts and scrapes on his feet?  Read the rest at the Register.  ***Image via The Shoe that Grows … [Read more...]

On the radio with Jen Fulwiler today!


Around 1:20 eastern, I'll be on the great Jennifer Fulwiler's SiriusXM radio show.   With an eye to the approach of mother's day, we'll be talking about how important it is for all you ladies to follow one rigid, clearly-defined plan to achieve Perfect Catholic Motherhood. OR WILL WE?Also, I keep meaning to remind you that I am on the radio every Monday from 5-6 PM eastern, with Mark Shea with his show, Connecting the Dots. All the shows are archived, and you can listen to podcasts … [Read more...]

The Year of Mercy logo stinks. Here’s why it’s okay to say so.


The Year of Mercy has a logo, and it stinks! I have a few more things to say, (the first being, why the heck do we need a logo? The answer being: So people will talk about it on Facebook), and I hope to post about this tomorrow or Friday. In the mean time, I wanted to talk about being a Christian critic.I said on Facebook that when I saw the logo, I wondered if there were some obscure two-headed saint on skis that I had forgotten about. This elicited a very typical response … [Read more...]

But it’s not my job!

shovel 2

Any normal person, when faced with a heap of excrement like this, would go get the shovel and clean it up. Maybe they wouldn't be happy about it, but they would clean it up, because it is a pile of dog poop in the middle of the yard. Instead, I started listing all the things I had already gotten done that day, all the things I was still going to do, and I said, "No! It's not my job! I had enough things that are my job. Not gonna do it. Not. My. Job." Read the rest at the Register. *** image … [Read more...]

May the Fourth just leave my poor three-year-old alone?

samantha crain

In a craven attempt to grab some page views on a day when I'm too busy to blog, I interviewed my three-year-old about her views on Star Wars. Here's what I got:And it went on like that. Then I tried to take a picture of her holding a Star Wars cup, and she declined, explaining, "Uh-uh. I'm eating my nunch."That's what I get for trying to cash in on my toddler's cuteness. Hey, you should share this all over the internet to shame me for my exploitative parenting!  … [Read more...]

Can they say that on Catholic radio? The Visitation Project can.

TVP social media (2)

Holy cow, this looks like fun. Three of my favorite Catholic women are teaming up for a new radio show called The Visitation Project.If you don't know their names and faces, you should! It's Bonnie Engstrom of A Knotted Life and champion for the cause of Fulton Sheen, Heather Renshaw, founder of two conference (Catholic Women Rejoice and Called to Love) and writer at RealCatholicMom.com, and Rebecca Frech, author of Teaching in Your Tiara: A Homeschool Book for the Rest of Us and … [Read more...]