7 video games, reviewed by my kids

okami 2

Hey, who wants to talk about SOMETHING ELSE?How about vidya games? My kids play games on the Wii, PS2, and occasionally the iPad and PC. We have tons of the Lego Wii games, and they were all the rage at our house for a few years. These are cute, clever, and not too noisy or violent (people just turn back into separate pieces when they get killed). Have't found a bad one yet.Here are some of my kids' other current favorite games. I asked them to give a quick description, plus their f … [Read more...]

Everybody Knows the Church Will Change. (Everybody Is Wrong.)


There was rejoicing in some quarters, wringing of hands in others, as everyone assumed that the Pope would agree. Everyone assumed that life as a married Catholic would be dramatically different from then on, in keeping with the times. Laymen thought so. Priests thought so. Everyone thought, "This is it. This is the big change we've all been [hoping for/dreading]."And what happened? Humanae Vitae happened. BOOM.Read the rest at the Register. ** Image via wikimedia Commmons: By BastienM [ … [Read more...]

Does pop psychology make us bad Christians?


Yesterday, I wanted to talk about the concept of "enabling," and how we use the term to give ourselves permission to behave badly. But I ended up talking more about our duty toward transsexuals, and frankly, I bit off more than I can chew!What I really meant to write about is pop psychology, and how its vocabulary leeches into our psyches and turns us into terrible Christians. We may not be in therapy ourselves, but we've read an article, or talked to someone whose niece is in therapy, or wa … [Read more...]

Am I my brother’s enabler?

hand gericault

Don't worry, I'm not going to write about Bruce/Caitlyn Jenner; not really. (The best take I've read on that topic is here.)I do want to talk about a question circling, like a fly around an overripe peach, the topic of Jenner, transsexuals, sex, gender, gender dysphoria, and gender reassignment surgery: the question of whether we ought to call someone "she" just because that someone wants to be called "she," even if we think that someone is really a he.  It's the question of how we should r … [Read more...]

Yes, Agenda-Driven Infiltrators Are Hijacking the World Meeting of Families


 Folks like the one-man band at the Lepanto Institute are introducing a gay agenda into the World Meeting of Families. They're the infiltrators, the hijackers. They're the wolf at the gate, eager to lay waste to something wholesome and good. Enough. Enough with the self-inflicted bite wounds. I understand that it really hurts when those teeth sink into your flesh, but the best way to avoid this pain is to stop biting yourself. Read the rest at the Register.***Photo: Getty … [Read more...]

Gee, your corpse smells terrific!


Not only does the Catholic Church "do science," but she allows us a heck of a lot of latitude in our personal devotions. Myself, I have steered clear of incorruptibles as any proof of anything besides the fact that the world is weird, history is messy, and lots of people are different from me. Read the rest at the Register. photo via Wikimedia Commons … [Read more...]

In Soviet Russia, waitress serves YOU!

russian waitress

I mean, wait, that doesn't make sense. How about this: in Soviet Russia, waitress knows what to do if she is molested. Via Mandatory. The guy tries to slip money into her shirt; she swats him down. He follows her and grabs her butt. SHE CLOCKS THE HELL OUT OF HIM. Watch and enjoy:Satisfyin'!  … [Read more...]