How I feel after participating in a 917-comment thread about vaccines on Facebook

look what the cat dragged in

Oh, dearie dearie dear. … [Read more...]

RIP Charles Townes, Brilliant Physicist, Man of Faith


The idea that faith and reason are inevitably at odds with each other is one of the most persistent and least defensible myths of modern times.Read the rest at the Register.(image shows a statue of Charles Townes on the bench where he got the sudden inspiration that led to the invention of the laser. Photo by Jas&Suz via Wikimedia Commons) … [Read more...]

Autographed books about marriage for Valentine’s Day

book set valentines day

I'm not going to tell you to get your wife a book or two for Valentine's Day, but IF you are VERY SURE that she would want a book or two for Valentine's Day, here's a deal for you: I'm offering ... The Sinner's Guide to Natural Family Planning (OSV list price $9.95) and Catholic and Married: Leaning Into Love (OSV list price $14.95) with my chapter, called "Mirrors Around a Flame: The Gift of Children". This is a new book from OSV. You can read a nice review of it at Aleteia he … [Read more...]

Never mind the bollocks, here’s the Pennywhistlers


Sometimes your day is going so poorly, for no reason at all, that you just need to curl up inside some music that makes you feel like somebody's baby. Here's mine:"Dumai, Zlato," whatever that means, sung by the Pennywhistlers in Bulgarian. We had this LP when I was little, and listened to it incessantly.What's your bad day music?  … [Read more...]

A Pope Francis headline that would shock me

Pope_Francis_Palo_11 (1)

 Pope Francis Refuses to Meet with [ANYBODY]. That would be news. That would be a headline.That's not gonna happen.No, you can't imagine Benedict having a private meeting with a transgendered person and fiancee. That's because Benedict was a different kind of pope, who had a different mission. Francis is doing different good things besides the kind of good things that Benedict did. And if you think that Benedict resigned with the understanding that the conclave would elect a B … [Read more...]

Badawi flogging case, and Prof. George’s Bargain, remind us of our obligations

Raif Badawi in 2012

The offer is a starkly physical one. This is not about political policy or ambassadorial maneuvers. George's letter clearly reminds us that blood is being shed unjustly. The sacrifice of one body in place of another is an ancient and enduring bargain. This is what Isaac escaped; this is what Jesus Christ endured. This is the offer that we are all called to make for each other, to one degree or another. Read the rest at the Register. Photo courtesy of PEN International via Wikipedia … [Read more...]

Due to knuckleheadedness on my part, baby shower is still on!

name the baby

As my previous post demonstrates, we are exactly the kind of people who should be having more children. Luckily for you, we not only are having another girl, but we honestly truly really still haven't settled on a name yet. The due date is Feb. 26.Luckily for me, Rebecca Frech of Shoved To Them is hosting a vitual baby shower for me, where you can leave your suggestion for a baby name.Yarr, I totally forgot that I was supposed to pick a winner, and I totally forgot to mention that … [Read more...]