My book’s first review, and a giveaway!


My book isn't even available for pre-order yet, but it already got a good review!Bearing of Bearing Blog read The Sinner's Guide to NFP, and she wrote: [E]ven if I am not the target audience, I am maybe the target reviewer, because I wholeheartedly endorse the attitude in this book.  The truth is that even when you're both totally on board, NFP has features which, well, you might as well laugh at them so you don't (a) cry or (b) throw things at each other. As for the state of NFP … [Read more...]

My Brother, Steve Gershom.


No, really, he's my actual brother, Joey.  Joseph Prever, to you.  He's been writing as Steve Gershom ("Catholic, Gay, and Feeling Fine, Thanks") for a couple of years now, but today , with the help of Daffy Duck and Strong Bad, he's shedding the semi-anonymity -- and hoping it won't hurt his chances with the ladies.Go say hello!  Good job, Joey.  We love you.  … [Read more...]

Seven Quick Takes: In Which I Spend Eleven Minutes Writing, and Forty Minutes Trying to Wrestle WordPress into Posting the Seven Quick Takes Logo


--1-- I try not to have enemies.  (This is sometimes difficult when people are determined to be my enemy out of the blue, when I never heard of them, don't know or care who they are, and have no idea why they're so mad at me.  I'm like, "Wow, have you ever listened to music?  It's nice!" and they're like, "Yeah, I bet you think it is, you lopsided, warmongering, stinky-breathed Zionist!")  But, like most bloggers, I do have foils -- people whose point of view does such a good job of putting my o … [Read more...]

At the Register: Is Pope Francis Really Pro-Life?

Fine, I'll give it away:  yes.  Yes, he is. … [Read more...]

Website design giveaway!

Love this -- it's the Santa Clara Design Annual Giveaway for Catholic Blog, Ministry or Church.  The owner says: St. Clare of Assisi is my heavenly friend – my confirmation saint. Years ago, I had my second child and wanted a career that would allow me to spend more time with my children. Santa Clara Design was born! One of my commitments since the beginning has been to offer my skills to the Church, to help promote Her teachings through the media.  I am very thankful my work and the wonderful c … [Read more...]

I go back and forth . . .

about whether to consider myself a feminist.  Then I read something like this, and I think to myself, no way, Jose.  Someone else is gonna have to rehabilitate that word.  I'm not getting within 100 yards of anyone so insanely prickly.  How do they even function when they're bristling with rage all the time?  How do they even manage to get enough oxygen circulating through their wizened little hearts, when every breath they take is saturated with toxic levels of imaginary sexism?  What a cold, ha … [Read more...]



The other day on the Register, someone commented, What is the point of blogging about your personal life?  So you don't like to camp and your dog took a crap in your filthy house.  Very nice. Yeah, well, the difference between this lady and me is that, when I write unpleasant, pointless stuff that nobody cares about, I get paid for it.   Ha ha!But I have actually been making an effort to defilthify my house lately, going so far as to clean out what I think of as "passive granola" that has a … [Read more...]