At the Register: Raisinet?

Sometimes, it's all you have to offer.God bless Mel Brooks, and happy birthday, you dirty old man.  Like all the great comics, all of his works (well, most of them) have a core of sweetness that make you feel, when you're wiped the tears of laughter out of your eyes, like life is worth living after all.Here's something to keep in mind as you wrap up a week of discussing vital issues and ideas with your fellow citizens(LANGUAGE WARNING): … [Read more...]

For all the Double Hitlers out there

Treated a little harshly on the internet yesterday?  Liz Lemon feels your pain. … [Read more...]

I’m so quotable


This is kind of weird, but you can buy greeting cards and fridge magnets printed with a quote by me.  It wasn't the most brilliant thing I ever said, but someone at Quotable Cards plucked it off the internet and wrote up a contract, so I signed.Got a kid who is graduating or otherwise leaving the nest?  You could go with Rudyard Kipling's "If," or Robert Frost's "Two roads diverged in a yellow wood," or, heaven help us, Dr. Seuss' most tedious work, "Oh the places you'll go."  OR, you could s … [Read more...]

At the Register: Can we save infidelity?

I try to avoid hand-wringing, but today, I don't know what else to do. … [Read more...]

Gaudi and the Highlander Principle

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Happy birthday to Atoni Gaudi, the mad builder of Barcelona.  When I was visiting my sister when she lived there, we toured La Sagrada Familia, which he started in 1883 and which is still unfinished.  Gaudi's trademark style is the "sandcastle" look and feelwith mind-bending curves and Seussian angleswith bright colors and unexpected juxtapositions of heavy geometric shapes.  I don't actually know what the conventional wisdom is about Gaudi's architecture, especially La Sagrada Fa … [Read more...]

At the Register: Why Marriages Explode

How is a marriage like a rotting corpse?  Find out in today's actually kind of edifying Register post. … [Read more...]

Oh, Francis-haters, you sound very lovely when you get played that way.


Good heavens, I'm completely disgusted at some of the comments I'm reading about Pope Francis' "snub" of some concert.Here's the only completely sensible thing I've heard: this is a big deal about nothing.  As one commenter pointed out, maybe the guy had diarrhea and didn't feel like telling anyone.  Maybe an old friend is on his death bed.  Who the heck knows?  We don't.  I'm fairly sure it wasn't just a passive aggressive fabrication when "an archbishop told the crowd of cardinals and I … [Read more...]