Build a nest

Conk. … [Read more...]

I have a date!

Touchdown. … [Read more...]

The Rescue

Kind of a weird  post for two days after Easter, but there you go.  I have this icon over my computer desk.More about Passover and Easter later!  There is a crazy little girl turning four years old today, and there is a cake to be made. … [Read more...]

The C&E Crowd: How to Deal

As Kat Fernandez would say, "Hiss.  Spit.  Growl." … [Read more...]

Lies, Damned Lies, and Quotations

Please tell me I'm right about the Polonius thing.  College was a long time ago.The thing that bothers me about the last ten days is that I bet you can't tell which I wrote when I was heavily medicated and which I wrote when I wasn't, can you?  My back hurts and my leg hurts and tingles and sometimes goes away entirely, and then it comes back, and I think about just kind of finding a hacksaw and getting rid of it.  I'm having an x-ray tomorrow.  Oh!  I should swallow something weird and freak … [Read more...]

Peanuuuuuuts to you!

The cure for what ails you. … [Read more...]

Is Outrage

I just tried to read Pope Francis, Say Yes to the Pill on National Review Online.  I guess it's an insightful tour de force about how it's time for the Church to get with the times and whatnot.  Doesn't bother me that someone is saying this, because everyone says it.  Doesn't bother me that it's on National Review, because National Review went down the toilet about a decade ago, and only serves to remind me of why I'm not a Republican anymore.But it does bother me, a lot, that someone would w … [Read more...]