Homemade pasta, FREE Fr. Barron DVD set . . . UPDATED

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UPDATE:  The $50 prize is now gone!  *******************I posted last week about Arista Pasta's kickstarter.  A lovely Catholic homeschooling family of seven (the co-founder, Benjamin Herreid, is the brother of John Herreid, who designed my book's cover, and the other brother of Bill Herreid, who is married to my sister!) is selling delectable handmade pasta products made from local, sustainable ingredients at their farmer's market.They want very much to expand their production, be … [Read more...]

Arista Pasta!

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Arista Pasta!  Isn't that a great name?My brother-in-law's brother Benjamin Herried (yes, the same family who produced John Herreid, who did my book cover!  Ridiculously talented bunch of people) has been selling fabulous handmade pasta products at their local farmer's market, using local sustainable produce.  Delicacies like Caramelized Fall Pear and Gorgonzola Ravioli and Sweet Potato and Roasted Garlic Gnocchi.Pardon me, I need to mop the drool off my keyboard.So, it's been ver … [Read more...]