The Year of Mercy logo stinks. Here’s why it’s okay to say so.


The Year of Mercy has a logo, and it stinks! I have a few more things to say, (the first being, why the heck do we need a logo? The answer being: So people will talk about it on Facebook), and I hope to post about this tomorrow or Friday. In the mean time, I wanted to talk about being a Christian critic.I said on Facebook that when I saw the logo, I wondered if there were some obscure two-headed saint on skis that I had forgotten about. This elicited a very typical response … [Read more...]

Artist of the Month: Matt Clark’s Amphibians, Minotaurs, and other Christian Art

matt clark minotaur as sinner

Editors’ Note: This article is part of the Patheos Public Square on Religion and Visual Art. Read other perspectives here. ****Matt Clark, 39, is a teacher, print maker, and freelance illustrator who lives in Florida with his wife and growing family (they are expecting baby #7 in a matter of weeks). This interview is one of a series with religious artists. My questions are in bold. ****You are Anglican, and make secular and overtly religious art; but on your website, you say, "I don … [Read more...]

Mother and Child: A Christmas Gallery of Original Art

Christmas art Umizaki

Merry Christmas, everybody! I offered up Midnight Mass for all of you, especially for anyone who is lonely or grieving or in pain today. Thanks for another wonderful year of company.Over at the Register today, nine artists have graciously shared their lovely Madonna and Child artwork with us. Here is just one, by 16-year-old painter Noyuri Umezaki:  Check out the rest here.  … [Read more...]

Calling all artists! I’m looking for Christmas artwork.

I'd love to put together a gallery of Christmas art for the Register on Christmas day. If you have a photo of a work of original art you'd be willing to share (and if you own the copyright or have permission to share online!), please drop me a line at simchafisher[at]gmail[dot]com and write "Christmas art" for the subject. I try to keep the wordiness to a minimum on Christmas, so this will just be an image and, if you like, a link to your blog or website. Thanks! … [Read more...]

What’s wrong with message art?

crucifix 3D tattoo

 PIC 3d crucifixion tattooIf you're a Christian artist, and you want to use your skill to make the world better, I'm begging you: never lead with the message. Instead, listen with your inner ear until something hits that special note. You don't even have to know why it resounds for you; just listen, and tell other people what you heard. Hone your skills, stay close to God in your personal life, always be looking and listening for new things . . .  and above all, take off that de … [Read more...]

Catholic Artist of the Month: Neilson Carlin

carlin sacrifice

Here is the third installment in a series: Catholic Artist of the Month.  Rather than constantly kvetching about mediocre, sentimental art by Christians, I’ll be featuring artists who are doing it right. This month, I'm delighted to present Neilson Carlin, whose Holy Family image, commissioned for the World Meeting of Families in Philadelphia in 2015, was recently unveiled by Archbishop Chaput.Carlin's work has been widely exhibited. He specializes in commissioned sacred work, and has … [Read more...]

Catholic Artist of the Month: Matthew S. Good


Here is the second installment in a series: Catholic Artist of the Month.  Rather than constantly kvetching about mediocre, sentimental art by Christians, I’ll be featuring artists who are doing it right. Last month (okay, it was two months ago! June was . . . rough), I had a wonderful conversation with Timothy Jones.This month, I'm featuring Matthew S. Good, 31, who lives and paints in Hickory, North Carolina. His paintings are moody and intense, reminding me of Rembrandt, and it took severa … [Read more...]