Catholic Artist of the Month: Matthew S. Good


Here is the second installment in a series: Catholic Artist of the Month.  Rather than constantly kvetching about mediocre, sentimental art by Christians, I’ll be featuring artists who are doing it right. Last month (okay, it was two months ago! June was . . . rough), I had a wonderful conversation with Timothy Jones.This month, I'm featuring Matthew S. Good, 31, who lives and paints in Hickory, North Carolina. His paintings are moody and intense, reminding me of Rembrandt, and it took severa … [Read more...]

Right Brain Drawing Club, Picture Share #2

by me

Yay, drawing share #2!I'm going to leave the link-up, below, open as long as I can this time. If you missed the deadline for the first exercise, go ahead and add them to the link-up below. So, for the vase/faces exercise: Did you have that stuttering paralysis moment when you were drawing the second half and trying to make it symmetrical?  If so, how did you overcome it? One of my kids said, "I looked at in in parts, and not as a whole." I overcame the confusion by thinking of the vase, … [Read more...]

Right Brain Summer Drawing Club – don’t forget!

righ brain summer drawing club logo

This week, we're reading through chapter three and doing the exercise in chapter four of Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain. I'll put up a picture share link on Monday (not Tuesday, because we'll be away on our camping trip). I'll leave the link-up open indefinitely this time, because people are working at different paces.I really enjoyed looking through the pre-instruction drawings in picture share #1! Thanks for going to the trouble of uploading your pics and linking up. If you don't … [Read more...]

Right Brain Summer Drawing Club, Picture Share #1

righ brain summer drawing club logo

Look, I made a logo for the Right Brain Summer Drawing Club!And yes, I made it using neither my right brain nor my left brain, but my butt brain. But it's cute, isn't it? Lookit that little guy! He has a belly button!Quick summary of what's going on here: we're working our way through Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain, an instructional book that says that almost anyone can learn to draw well; it's just a matter of training ourselves to let our right brain take control, and shut up … [Read more...]

Summer Drawing Club starts now!

drawing before and after

Sorry for the slow start, everyone! We are still in school, because we had so many snow days this year. I did get my book, and some of my kids (ages 14, 13, and 8) have agreed to join me. Lots of readers are planning to participate! I'm really excited.Here's a recap: a bunch of us are going to go through the book Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain to beef up our drawing and looking skills. The idea is that, while some people have a natural, inborn talent, just about anyone can learn to … [Read more...]

Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain: Wanna?

drawing on the right side

I am thinking of going through (and dragging my older kids through) the home drawing course outlined in Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain.Here's the blurb: Translated into more than seventeen languages, Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain is the world's most widely used drawing instruction book. Whether you are drawing as a professional artist, as an artist in training, or as a hobby, this book will give you greater confidence in your ability and deepen your artistic perception, … [Read more...]

Catholic Artist of the Month: Timothy Jones and the Art of Gratitude


Today begins a new series: Catholic Artist of the Month.  Rather than constantly kvetching about mediocre, sentimental art by Christians, I'll be featuring artists who are doing it right.I am delighted to begin with Timothy Jones, an award-winning American realist whose photorealistic oil painting "Tempus Fugit" was just named a finalist in the BoldBrush Painting Competition.  He graciously spent an hour talking to me while he was still in the throes of final exams at Chesterton Academy, the … [Read more...]