A long Holy Saturday

Last night, I was cold and couldn't sleep, so I snuggled up against my husband, who is always warm. When I'm pregnant, I like to press my belly against him so that we can all be warm all together, me and him and the baby.  "Here you go, little guy.  This is your daddy.  You will like him."  Then, last night, I remembered that there is no baby. There is no wild anguish here. I'm just tired, and bewildered.  I was so busy for those seven weeks, I sometimes forgot I was even pregnant, even … [Read more...]

Jennifer Fulwiler interviews me from aboard her TARDIS


No paradoxes were created in the making of this interview, in which Jen Fulwiler of Conversion Diary speaks from the perspective of her past self.  She introduces the interview this way: Seven years ago, I found myself in a place of great upheaval. I was in the middle of a profound religious conversion and found myself in a no-man’s land, adrift from my old belief system, yet not fully integrated into my new one. Now this is the part that makes me blush: Around that time that I came across … [Read more...]

Why give birth? Why love?

Wow.  Many, many thanks to Garard Nadal for posting this incredibly pro-life short film from Unilever: I do not know what Unilever's Project Sunlight is about, but man, the clip is lovely, and will do much good. A great companion, as a matter of fact, to this comic illustrating a quote from C.S. Lewis, who died fifty years ago today.  (Thanks to Jason Bach for sharing the comic on Facebook!) Hope doesn't mean you know nothing will go wrong.  As Lewis says: The alternative to … [Read more...]

At the Register: Saving Lives, Not Just Solving Problems

little dragon

Today:  people who aced their design assignment -- but instead of moving along, they went on to save the lives of thousands of premature infants in the third world. Shout out to Chunmiao Little Flower!  These guys are amazing. … [Read more...]

At the Register: Let’s Try Not to Use Babies

Oh, just making myself popular with pro-lifers again. … [Read more...]

At the Register: the Earth Is a Nursery

How lunch with friends turned a little bit Children of Men-ish. And that's all for me today, folks!  I got home from the ER at 3:30 this morning with a baby with bronchiolitis.  Never had to deal with that before.  Baby is doing much, much better today, but I think my husband and I are going to need some oxygen to get through the day.  My hat is off to all the parents who deal with medical emergencies -- asthma, diabetes, CP -- as a routine thing. I don't know how you do it.  I'm … [Read more...]

Why doesn’t the Church just make a list?

image source When Catholics talk about NFP, someone always asks rather plaintively why the Church doesn't just clear up all the confusion about what does and does not constitute a legitimate reason to avoid a pregnancy.  Why not just make a list:  on the right, good reasons for postponing a pregnancy; on the left, bad reasons? Obviously we should still pray and try to discern God's will for us -- but why does it have to be so vague?  Why doesn't the Church just give us a break and spell … [Read more...]

My Love Is Like a Big Red Dog

My kids are pretty, pretty smart.  But not quite as smart as I think they are. One time, for instance, we were listening to a Danny Kaye song about "they'll never outfox the fox!"  It goes on to marvel over the exploits of a dashing young scoundrel: Whenever they try to find me They find me where I am not I'm hither and yon, I'm there and gone, I'm Johnny-not-on-the spot! (He whistles as he jump to a low tree branch) I'm out on a limb they think! (He whistles again, jumping down) I'm … [Read more...]

Defund! Defund! Defund!

From the Boston Globe: A Massachusetts antiabortion group has unveiled a bill that would let individual taxpayers opt out of paying for publicly funded abortions. Under the measure, a taxpayer could choose to have whatever portion of their state taxes pays for abortion coverage directed instead to the Baby Safe Haven Law. That law allows parents to leave unwanted newborns at fire stations and other designated locations. I LOVE this idea.  Puts those Planned Parenthood ghouls in the … [Read more...]

Here in Topeka

Sorry for the silence, folks.  I'm suffering from 80% disease:  I have about six posts 80% written, and then I say, "Yeah, that's pretty much it -- I'll just go back and finish it up tonight."  And then I dye my hair, change my social security number, and move to Canada so I don't have to deal with it. In the mean time, I offer you this Loretta Lynn song that my mother sent me.  I've never heard it before, but I love it!  It's actually named "One's On the Way," but I didn't want to title … [Read more...]