Why I don’t say “I’m so blessed.”

grunewald crucifixion

The other day, a woman lashed out at me for announcing my latest pregnancy online. This particular woman's stock in trade is lashing out; and since I'm pretty sure I don't (as she accused me of doing) parade my perfect children around like perfect trophies to prove that I'm a perfect Catholic mom, I didn't give her anger much thought. Just another angry person on the internet.Later, out of curiosity, I read more of her comments. And then my heart broke.It was a lot of what I expected: Y … [Read more...]

Holiness is a numbers game, you filthy relativist!

generosity fb screenshot

You never know what the morning will bring. I just got into a weird little skirmish with a fellow who believes that there is only one kind of generosity, and that is having as many babies as possible. (He can correct me if I'm misrepresenting his point of view.)It began when someone wrote a nice review of The Sinner's Guide to NFP, and this fellow -- not having read the book, of course -- said:  Yeah, I played the grandmultipara pregnancy card. So sue me.It … [Read more...]

At the Register: Why busy parents should always go to midnight Mass

And it has nothing to do with "misery loves company!" … [Read more...]

Lots of siblings = low divorce rate?

Interesting little tidbit on CatholicCulture.org: Sociologists from Ohio State University have found that children from large families have markedly lower divorce rates.The equation that emerged after a 40-year study, involving a sample of 57,000 American adults, was simple: The more siblings you had as a child, the less likely you were to be divorced as an adult. The researchers don’t offer an explanation for this phenomenon—in fact they seem to be stumped—but they know it’s not because the … [Read more...]

At the Register: Nine Kids, Wacka Wacka!

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Sometimes it really is easier to have a big family, even when you're camping.I have no idea if anyone's actually interested, but I will having camping pics up tomorrow.  Here's one I swiped off my husband's Facebook page.  If you look closely, you can see my oldest kid, who recently dyed her hair blue.  … [Read more...]

It does happen.

family reunion of a couple of years ago, when there were only 33 cousins

I posted this on Facebook this morning, and it got 218 likes in 38 minutes.  So I figured it was something people need to hear!  From our trip to the beach yesterday:Lady at the beach:  "Are these ALLLLL your children?" Me:  "No, actually, I have two more at home." Her:  "Two more!  So how many in all?" Me: "I have nine children." Her:  "OH, GOD HAS BLESSED YOU!  MOTHER MARY IS WITH YOU! YOU'RE DOING A BEAUTIFUL JOB!"Did not see that coming! Several FB friends mentioned that they mak … [Read more...]

Christmas Group Shot

Silly me, I thought we would never get around to taking a group photo this year, but there we all are!  I guess this is God's way of telling us to slow down and have ourselves a streppy little New Year.  Also, He hates us.Oh, just kidding!  If He hated us, the pharmacy would have run out of penicillin before our order was complete.  Oh, wait, it did.Meh, it could be worse.  My husband isn't working this weekend, so we can all have one last chance to enjoy a good old-fashioned family vaca … [Read more...]