That time you were so busy, you forgot you wrote that book

catholic and married

Well, one chapter of it, anyway.This is so dang stupid. Right before supper, FedEx delivers a box of ten copies of Catholic and Married: Leaning Into Love , which looks good, but I have never heard of it, and I certainly didn't order ten copies. So I fire off a note to the publisher, saying that I think I got the author's shipment by mistake, and what should I do with them? Ha ha, I says to myself, I'm not the only one who flakes out from time to time! They don't even know who wrote their own … [Read more...]

First Things likes The Sinner’s Guide to NFP!

sgnfp stack

Reviewer Christine Emba says in First Things: What especially recommends The Sinner’s Guide to a broader ­audience is Fisher’s ability to use NFP as a starting point to engage with the larger and more universal questions facing anyone attempting to live out a Christian life day to day. What is prudence? How does one persevere in adversity? What does charity actually look like in relationships, and in daily life? As Fisher asks, “Does God just hate women, or what?” The question “Is it the right t … [Read more...]

Seven books that fell behind my bed


Seven quick takes! I hope you can see the pictures - WordPress is being a bag of butts, and won't let me upload in the normal way, so I just pasted them in. Here are seven books I either just finished or am in the middle of, perhapsh indefinitely. "Perhapsh" was a typo, but I kind of like it. --1-- Don't Let's Go to the Dogs Tonight: An African Childhood by Alexandra Fuller.I have never read a book like this before. It's so harrowing and so appealing. A memoir of growing up poor, … [Read more...]

My book sale phinds and phooeys

book cover what it feels like to be a building

I used to try to make extra money selling used books online. I would go to library book sales and try to spot rare and unusual volumes that people would be willing to pay a fortune for. Using only my intuition, I paid $1 for a probable first edition of a biography of Charles de Gaulle, which I turned around and sold for $80. Wildly encouraged, I used that same intuition to buy another fifty or sixty likely-looking books, also for a dollar each. And every single one of them, nobody wants because n … [Read more...]

It’s our 17th anniversary SALE-abration!

anniversary pic 1

I can't even believe I just said that.Anyway, tomorrow is my and Damien's 17th wedding anniversary, which we will be celebrating with great joy, eventually. Heck, we've kept it together for seventeen years, more or less, so I guess we can hold out for one more week.Seemed like as good a time as any to put my dear beloved ebook back on sale. I wish I could put the paperback or audiobook on sale, but the ebook is the only one I control. The price is now as low as Amazon will let me set it: … [Read more...]

Seven Quick takes: Seven Really Good Books for Young Adults


Wow, I haven't done a 7QT in forever! And I'm not actually doing one now. This post originally ran in 2010. I was inspired to rerun it when the The New Yorker printed this appreciation of A Canticle for Leibowitz . Enjoy, thou parents looking for some decent fiction for your older kids! *** Sorry this is so long.  I didn’t have time to write anything shorter. Seven Quick Takes:  Seven Really Good Books for Young AdultsWhen I was in high school, everything we read had to be about either the … [Read more...]

The American Catholic Almanac is meaty and fascinating

american catholic almanac 2

If you're like me and most of my American Catholic friends, any combination of the words "American" and "Catholic" gives you the heebie jeebies. Either you're going to get one of those "Jesus was a republican, and food stamps are a mortal sin" tirades, or else we'll be treated to another learned treatise on how the one thing the Pope needs to do right now, IF he's really the Pope, is to pronounce anathema against people whose disgusting little irreverent offspring eat Cheerios during M … [Read more...]