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Most of my Facebook friends are Catholic, so I often see quotes about spiritual matters on my feed, often with the comment, "Needed to hear this today!"  And then the quote is something like, "We must strive to love each other always!"  Okay, sure, fine, I guess I needed to hear that.  Or sometimes it's like, "You say to  me, 'I wasn't feeling up to putting on eyeliner today!' and I say to you, 'You weren't feeling up to glorifying God in all things.  Shape up, loser.'" BUT, sometimes I … [Read more...]

Ten Great Alphabet Books

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I love, love, love alphabet books.  There is something so satisfying about getting everything all squared away by page 26.  Here are ten of my favorites:    --1-- Superhero ABC by Bob McLeod So great.  Each letter has its own superhero -- no one you'll recognize from Marvel or DC, but heroes like Captain Cloud, who calmly catches crooks, or Laughing Lass, who laughs loudly at lawbreakers (she's a little looney).  Funny and clever, and occasionally a little crude, but not … [Read more...]

I KNEW I should have gone with The Sinner’s Guide to Amish Vampires in Space.

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I was having lots of fun scrolling through this list of Worst Christian Book Covers of 2013.  A couple of favorites: and this: and of course this, which should win all the prizes ever, for everything, but most of all for the most courageous use of "spray paint" tool in a professional setting:   "Most intelligently designed" indeed. But then I got to #7 on the list of Worst Christian Book Covers of 2013, and what to my wondering eyes should appear but A COVER THAT … [Read more...]

Yep, it’s in print.

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It's here!  It's here!  It's fina-lully here! The Sinner's Guide to Natural Family Planning, THE HONEST TO GOODNESS PRINT EDITION THAT IS ON PAPER IS AVAILABLE FOR PRE-ORDER NOW. $8.75, very reasonable! I am beyond thrilled to announce that Our Sunday Visitor is my publisher.  I am very honored to join their wonderful line-up of authors, and am super excited about their plans for basically paving the inside of every parish in the world with copies of my book.  At least I'm pretty … [Read more...]

My audiobook is now available for pre-order!


 The Sinner's Guide to Natural Family Planning read aloud by yours truly, from  It will be released on Dec.1 but you can pre-order it right now.   It was tons of fun to record, and yes, every single time I got to one of the more . . . intimate parts, I flubbed it, and had to say it again. And again. And again.  I'm not sure why the recording guy built his own studio and got into this line of work, but I'm fairly sure it wasn't to sit there listening to a dumpy, red-faced … [Read more...]

He’s #1! *sob* He’s #1!!


Wellity, wellity, wellity. Look who's the number one bestseller in Catholicism (and a number of other categories) on Amazon with Saints and Social Justice:  A Guide to Changing the World.  BRANDON VOGT, the young upstart!  And all because (a) he had the wonderful idea of putting together a book about what Catholic social justice really means, and the saints who lived it; and (b) he's introducing the e-book for only $3.19. Brandon says on his blog: [A]s a Protestant … [Read more...]

One of the great injustices of the 21st century . . .


is that my sister, Abby Tardiff, does not have a blog.  We have to content ourselves with checking her Facebook page, where you will always find things like this story, about the two planes that collided in  midair and burst into flames and sent their passengers hurtling through the air but it was okay, because they were all professional skydivers . . . juxtaposed with this: from Fables by the master, Arnold Lobel. … [Read more...]

Interviewed by Brandon Vogt!

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Brandon Vogt has delivered approximately eleventy million tons of helpful advice about writing and marketing, and he graciously put together this post about my book as part of his series of interviews with illustrious people, plus me. In the interview, he gives me the chance to swat down a few myths about NFP, and to talk about why, if NFP is so effective, so many Catholic families have 15-passenger vans in their driveways.   Check it out!  Great questions. And okay, color me easy to … [Read more...]

Audiobook news!

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When was looking for a voice actor to read my book, The Sinner's Guide to Natural Family Planning, they asked for my input; so naturally, I asked you guys for your advice, and you delivered.  What I finally sent them was this: Anne Bancroft with a little bit of Marge Simpson.  A woman with a low, slightly raspy or gravelly voice, with an excellent sense of comic timing.  A "member of the tribe" would be great. Hope that helps! I don't know if it helped or not, because … [Read more...]

SGNFP has the best prizes.

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As I announced last week, I'm holding a contest as a little thank-you to folks who have bought my e-book, The Sinner's Guide to Natural Family Planning, which is still holding steady as the #1 bestseller on Amazon in Catholicism for Kindle books and books in general, and which has over fifty five-star reviews, from men, women, single people, people who have passed childbearing age, NFP instructors, a monsignor, two of my sisters, and the pope*, so you know it has to be … [Read more...]