I’m so proud/horrified (#13 is my favorite)

how to poop

The other day, this appeared on the bathroom door:  It was written by my 12-year-old son, who is both very twelve, and very much my son.Can't quite make it out? You can either walk away in blissful ignorance, or you can read on, and prepare yourself for the next generation of Fishers. Here is what it says:  RULES FOR POOPING IN A STAIN-FREE MANNER1. Open bathroom door and (using feet) walk in.2. Close and lock bathroom door.3. Walk to sink, … [Read more...]

The boy has an aha moment.

aha the band get it get it

PIC Aha band "Not this kind, fortunately. Never this kind."Says the boy: My tooth is almost out. Can I just have my tooth fairy money now so I can buy this thing? Me: Nope. Sorry. Boy: Okay. I guess I better haul some more rocks so I can earn the money, because I really want it. Me: Good idea. [Me on the inside: HALLELUJAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!]Now to spread the word to everyone who owns a credit card . . . … [Read more...]

A boy is a boy is a boy. . .


. . . and always has been.Here's an endearing story about some centuries-old notes, doodles, and other documents from Russia.Almost a thousand of the perfectly preserved documents, scratched on the bark of birch trees, have been recovered from the deep layers of Novgorod’s anaerobic clay soil over the past century... The birch-bark documents date from the 11th to 15th centuries and include tax returns, school exercises, wills, IOUs, marriage proposals, prayers, spells and curses ... The m … [Read more...]