He’s #1! *sob* He’s #1!!


Wellity, wellity, wellity.Look who's the number one bestseller in Catholicism (and a number of other categories) on Amazon with Saints and Social Justice:  A Guide to Changing the World.  BRANDON VOGT, the young upstart!  And all because(a) he had the wonderful idea of putting together a book about what Catholic social justice really means, and the saints who lived it; and (b) he's introducing the e-book for only $3.19.Brandon says on his blog: [A]s a Protestant co … [Read more...]

Interviewed by Brandon Vogt!

Sinners-Guide stack of books

Brandon Vogt has delivered approximately eleventy million tons of helpful advice about writing and marketing, and he graciously put together this post about my book as part of his series of interviews with illustrious people, plus me.In the interview, he gives me the chance to swat down a few myths about NFP, and to talk about why, if NFP is so effective, so many Catholic families have 15-passenger vans in their driveways.   Check it out!  Great questions.And okay, color me easy to imp … [Read more...]

#Free the Word! An apology, and explanation, and an appeal by Brandon Vogt


Brandon Vogt covers everything you need to know about the copyright issues surrounding the distribution of Lumen Fidei and other magisterial works. He explains what the problem is with the current system and what a better solution would look like; and he apologizes for his error and (unnecessarily, in my opinion) for his initial reaction to the response he got from the USCCB.He answers tons of common questions about this issue, and he has opened his comment box as a petition to t … [Read more...]

At the Register: Free Lumen Fidei!

Seriously, if Pope Francis hears about this, he's gonna be mad. … [Read more...]