My favorite Thanksgiving story of all time

fake butter

and I got to tell it in Catholic Digest.  Check it out!  … [Read more...]

My Catholic Digest article on charitable giving . . .

is now online for your reading pleasure.  Also includes the names of some excellent charities, and some tips for how to plan for your own financial future. … [Read more...]

Catholic Digest: Pro-life Even at the End of Life

Oops, just realized I have a second article in the latest edition of Catholic Digest.  Do get your hands on this one if you can!  The strength and clarity of the people I interviewed is just astonishing. I wish I had had enough space to include all of what they had to say about making end-of-life decisions for the people they love.I wrote about the experience of tackling this harrowing subject in a post called "Bright Wings."  I'm just going to reprint it here (it ran first in the Register on … [Read more...]

In Catholic Digest: 12 Questions to Ask before Giving Money to Charity

Many thanks to Kiernan O'Connor of the Donor Motivation Program of Houston for a great interview.  It incorporates advice that will be equally useful for large investors and for widow's mite types, and also includes some investing tips.I don't think the article is available online yet at Catholic Digest, but I did want to highlight a few of the charities that I recommended in the article: Save a Family Plan A top notch international NGO run by Catholics, serving poor Indian families of … [Read more...]