At the Register: Why busy parents should always go to midnight Mass

And it has nothing to do with "misery loves company!" … [Read more...]

Irene’s Silent Night

Doesn't know the words; doesn't let it slow her down. (Ugh, thought I had fixed the sideways image. Sorry, will try again.) … [Read more...]

At the Register: The Light of the Child

A poem, a tune, a painting for Christmas.  May the baby who brings us warmth and light bless you all! … [Read more...]

What’s your roast beast?

roast beast

My favorite part of How the Grinch Stole Christmas is where he brings back the roast beast. Because while it's true that Christmas isn't about presents or decorations or food, you really do want to have that special Christmas food!If we can manage it, we spend Christmas Eve drinking egg nog and decorating the tree, then going to Midnight Mass.  Then Christmas morning is presents and chocolate and a breakfast of eggs, bacon, fresh fruit, and cinnamon buns.  Candy all day.  Then -- and he … [Read more...]

At the Register: Advent for Adults

Advent and Christmas aren't meant to be only for children.  Here are some ways adults can participate in the season of preparation. … [Read more...]

Let the little kittens come unto me

nativity scene cats

File under Things Jesus Would Be Okay With: [E]very year, a colony of feral felines seizes control of a nativity scene organized by two Brooklyn sisters. As soon as the creche comes out, with its hay bale and warm lights, the cats take up residence.via Jezebelmore photos here   … [Read more...]

Advent chains – a very easy Advent activity!

paper chain

My sister Abby Tardiff is once again providing a template for advent chains.  1.  Go to this link on Dropbox and print out all six pages.  Cut along the lines so you have strips.2.  If you want to be fancy, you can paste the strips to colored paper -- purple for the first, second, and fourth weeks, and pink for the third.  If you don't want to get fancy, just use them as is, or let the kids color the pictures in.  Make a paper chain and hang it in a prominent place.3.  Each day of Adv … [Read more...]