What About Behavioral and Spiritual Arguments Against Vaccines?


As we can see from Tuesday's post and the response to it, it's not necessarily clear what we mean when we say "science" or "medicine." So let's put science and medicine aside entirely for a moment, and let's focus on two arguments against vaccines that I keep hearing -- arguments which don't appeal to science at all, but which are spiritual and behavioral.Read the rest at the Register.   Note: any snark, condescension, lack of charity, arrogance, self-pity, logical fallacies or otherwise insu … [Read more...]

We Should Be Afraid

ark of the covenant

"Be not afraid," says the angel. Be not afraid, and entrust your life to Christ, who wants only good for you.All right, but what about when someone else's life is entrusted to us? What about when we have the power over someone else's life -- the power to alter it forever, even the power to end it?  Remember what happened to Uzzah, who saw the Ark of the Covenant wobbling, and without even thinking, he stepped forward and grabbed hold of the thing. "And The Lord’s anger burned against Uzzah be … [Read more...]

Good reminder about the Jahi McMath case

No one will argue that what happened to Jahi McMath isn't a tragedy. But, John Di Camillo of the National Catholic Bioethics Center reminds us, it may not be the cut-and-dry case of a hard-hearted hospital wedded to the culture of death that some reports are making it out to be.Jahi McMath went in for tonsil surgery and ended up being declared brain dead three days later, and there has been a legal struggle ever since, to determine whether or not she can be moved to another facility which … [Read more...]

At the Register: Speaking of Death

my soul is prepared

In which I make fun of Rush Limbaugh and then urge people to prepare for death.  Go there for useful links; stay here to gaze upon this:  … [Read more...]