In which I nag you to buy life insurance

No pressure!

I really hate it when people say, “You have no business having children if you don’t have life insurance!” or “How can you claim you love your family if you don’t have life insurance?” Hey, things happen. Life doesn’t always work out in a sensible order. Lots of non-horrible people don’t have life insurance. Just consider this your reminder, you loving parents, to take a look at your budget and see what you can do. Read the rest at the Register.  And by the way, my agent is Daniel Finn with New … [Read more...]

Gee, your corpse smells terrific!


Not only does the Catholic Church "do science," but she allows us a heck of a lot of latitude in our personal devotions. Myself, I have steered clear of incorruptibles as any proof of anything besides the fact that the world is weird, history is messy, and lots of people are different from me. Read the rest at the Register. photo via Wikimedia Commons … [Read more...]

Happy New Year! You’re Going to Die.


 Anonymous painting courtesy of Wikimedia Commons I'm telling my daughter the brightest version of something that is true, and something that we all need to remember: that the best way to deal with death and the afterlife is to remember, always, that it's our behavior right now that decides which path we're on. It's a good thing to spend some time thinking about death, not to terrify ourselves or to revel in dark things, but to shed some light on our present choices.Read the rest … [Read more...]

What About Behavioral and Spiritual Arguments Against Vaccines?


 PIC vaccineAs we can see from Tuesday's post and the response to it, it's not necessarily clear what we mean when we say "science" or "medicine." So let's put science and medicine aside entirely for a moment, and let's focus on two arguments against vaccines that I keep hearing -- arguments which don't appeal to science at all, but which are spiritual and behavioral.Read the rest at the Register.   Note: any snark, condescension, lack of charity, arrogance, self-pity, logical fa … [Read more...]

We Should Be Afraid

ark of the covenant

 "Be not afraid," says the angel. Be not afraid, and entrust your life to Christ, who wants only good for you.All right, but what about when someone else's life is entrusted to us? What about when we have the power over someone else's life -- the power to alter it forever, even the power to end it?  Remember what happened to Uzzah, who saw the Ark of the Covenant wobbling, and without even thinking, he stepped forward and grabbed hold of the thing. "And The Lord’s anger burned agai … [Read more...]

Good reminder about the Jahi McMath case

No one will argue that what happened to Jahi McMath isn't a tragedy. But, John Di Camillo of the National Catholic Bioethics Center reminds us, it may not be the cut-and-dry case of a hard-hearted hospital wedded to the culture of death that some reports are making it out to be.Jahi McMath went in for tonsil surgery and ended up being declared brain dead three days later, and there has been a legal struggle ever since, to determine whether or not she can be moved to another facility which … [Read more...]