I’m going!

to the first ever Faith and Family Mom's Day Away in Stoneham, MA!It will be April 2, which is the baby's birthday.  Too bad, baby!  Mama's going to hang out with Danielle Bean, Jen Fulwiler, and Rachel Balducci, who will all be speaking at the event:In addition to the talks, our schedule for the day will include Mass, opportunity for personal prayer, adoration, and confession, catered lunch, select vendors, and book signings.I happen to know that the following fascinating women will … [Read more...]

Simple School

Okay, for real this time:  come see what I wrote for Faith and Family Live.  It's about how, even though I have abandoned four of my children to the netherworld of not-homeschooling, I still have four kids at home, and I still know a thing or two about a thing or two. … [Read more...]

Where’s Mama? Where’s Mama?

There she is!  Oh, um, sorry, I mean, please come see me in two other places today.Such a day!  I have a piece up at Faith and Family Live--an interview with Kathy Rivet, who has been teaching Creighton Model NFP for over 30 years. Kathy has also been my instructor for about eight years, so I can personally attest to the fact that she is a woman of supernatural patience and fortitude.  Come check out what she has to say about the changes she's seen in the world of NFP.And today The An … [Read more...]

Home School to the Classroom

Oops, I forgot to tell you that today I'm at Faith and Family Live, dishing out more advice:From Home School to the Classroom:  Tips for TransitionCome and get it while it's hot!  I don't know what that means. … [Read more...]

“I’m not a homosexual. I’m a man.”

Come on over and see me at Faith and Family today (for real this time!), where I have a short interview with a young, gay, faithful Catholic man.  You'll like him -- he's so clean and articulate!  But something tells me Joe Biden would not be impressed.And hello and welcome to Faith and Family and Creative Minority Report readers.  Stick around for tomorrow, when we will  . . . okay, I have no idea what we will be doing tomorrow.  The Jerk, who usually reviews movies on Thursdays, is taki … [Read more...]

The Case for Siblings

As our old pastor Fr. Stan used to say, "And now, my dear friends, I am over on page six."By which I mean that today, my dear friends, I am over on Faith and Family Live, where I have a feature called "The Case for Siblings:  How to Shut Up Jerks In Supermarkets Who Are Yapping About Your Pregnant Belly."Or possibly they've edited the title.  Yeah, they probably have.  Which is why Danielle Bean has an empire, and I have my blog.My blog!  My blog!!!!!  Anyway, please go check it out, … [Read more...]