Yes, we still need feminism.

I used to wonder why any 21st-century woman would call herself a feminist.Feminism has become something utterly toxic. Maybe the word once stood for something useful and good, but feminism today means abortion on demand and without apology; now it means contempt for virginity, contempt for children, contempt for motherhood. Why would any right-thinking woman even want to use that name, when it puts you in such dreadful company?And anyway, why do we even need feminism anymore?  Aren't we … [Read more...]

Tweaking Sleeping Beatuty

"And this, boys, is how to get under a girl's skirt!"

Here's an enlightening though spoilerific commentary on the new Disney princess movie, Frozen.  Gina Dalfonzo liked the movie well enough (not everyone did), but thought the denouement of Prince Hans was unnecessarily cynical and harsh. She says (REMEMBER, I SAID SPOLERS): The naïve and lonely Anna has fallen in love with and become engaged to Hans in the course of just one day. As her other love interest, Kristoff, tells her, this is not exactly indicative of good judgment.However, there i … [Read more...]

At the Register: We Need the Courage to Christianize Feminism

And no, I don't mean offering yoga classes at the Newman Center.You know, when Catholic women tell me, "Oh please, we don't need a theology of women, " they really mean, "I always wanted to be a stay-at-home mom, and now I am one" or "I am temperamentally suited to homeschool" or "I really enjoy cooking and sewing" or "I have no desire or need to work outside the home."  There are many, many women who want desperately to follow God as women, but who can't or don't follow these paths.  Women s … [Read more...]