Why not sterilize the inconvenient?

I don't know Jason Negri personally, and until his post on Friday I've had no reason to think that he isn't a faithful Catholic.  Maybe he was just playing devil's advocate or being provocative; but for someone who, according to his Inside Catholic profile, is "Assistant Director for the International Task Force on Euthanasia & Assisted Suicide," he shows a scandalous indifference to the dignity of human life.  Here's what he said when commenting on a story about the marriage of a h … [Read more...]

Mommy Russia Dearest

That title doesn't make any sense, but at least it doesn't have a typo, which my  original entry on Inside Catholic did (yeah yeah, I fixed it).  Check it out, and thanks to always-alert Sarah Breisch for the idea.Seriously:  is this any way to say "good morning," even in Russian? … [Read more...]

The Perils of Excessive Modesty

Today I'm over at The Inside Blog, talking about a new take on modesty.  The blogging wife of a protestant minister at Musings of a Young Mom (don't worry, her writing is much better than the title of her blog) argues that excessive modesty objectifies women (which reminds of me of gluttonous thin people).And we're off to the fair!  That's not an expression - we really are off to the fair, and expect to be half-dead by early afternoon. … [Read more...]

That tingling means it’s working!

I got all writey today, and posted something about tattoo removal on Inside Catholic.  It's silly - don't even bother going over there.  I already commented on my own post, so I won't be too lonely if you don't. … [Read more...]

St. Michael the Samurai

Maybe I should have read the blogging tutorial, but it's too late now:  my first blog post is up on the new, improved Inside Catholic.  It's about this:by Daniel Mitsui, spotted on Korrektiv. … [Read more...]

“Most Disappointing Lesbian of the Year”

Just a quick note:  I just posted on The Inside Blog, if you'd care to take a look.  Eventually, I will grow enough brain cells to have a sidebar for this kind of thing (and a blogroll, and a reader . . . ) on my own blog.But don't forget to read today's other post, below, which is much more fun! … [Read more...]

How to tell if you’re listening to okra

I do not like okra.  It's pretty much the worst vegetable you can imagine,  kind of like the Newt Gingrich of the produce world:  hairy and fibrous on the outside, seedy and slimy on the inside.   It just makes you wonder, why is it even here?  What is the point of this food, other than to make you glad when it finally goes out of season?And yet there it is in the supermarket.  Every week I pass it by with a shudder; but I know someone must buy it, because they keep putting more out. … [Read more...]