My interview with JoAnna Wahlund at Catholic Stand


JoAnna Wahlund asked some killer questions.  Here's how the interview ends: Are you and your family being pursued by albino monk assassins dispatched by the “NFP-Is-A-Heresy” Cabal?Yeah, but I reminded them that self flagellation and the wearing of the cilice barely registers as suffering when you compare it with trying to figure out a postpartum chart. Ba bing! So much fun.  Click here to read the rest.  … [Read more...]

Worst! Pope! Ever!!1!

rending of garments

It's true, Francis really is -- as long as you understand that, as a Catholic, it is our duty and responsibility to read the words of the Holy Father only after they've been run through the MSM juicer a couple of times.JoAnna Wahlund handily shreds "oh Lord, why are we being tormented by this dreadful, careless, foolish pope?" crowd as they rend their garments over what they see reported on MSNBC: “Pope Reiterates 2,000-year-old Teaching of the Church” doesn’t make money; “Pope Declares … [Read more...]