At the Register: A Little About Catechesis of the Good Shepherd

I'm working on a fuller article for the future, but here is a little introduction to one of the greatest gifts we've encountered in our parish: Catechesis of the Good Shepherd. … [Read more...]

At the Register: The Evil Child’s Guide to Holy Week

Parents say "Holy Week"; kids hear "Whatcha got?" … [Read more...]

Springtime in New Hampshire

photo (2)

We've been stuck inside for a long, long time, and tempers can flare and maybe we don't feel as sorry as we should but then Mama calls us in for supper and we run right in or at least we try.   (Yes, I actually had to get her unstuck. That mud is not fooling around!) P.S. No sisters were harmed in the making of this photodrama.  But they did get muddy. Really, really muddy. … [Read more...]

Mary said “Fanks”

annunciation 2

From John Herreid, here's a painting I've never seen before: The Annunciation by Master of the Retable of the Reyes Católicos (15th century) Here is a detail, showing the Word of God proceeding from the mouth of the Father: Cross already in hands. Oh, Mary. And a short interview with my daughter, who is almost 5. I am not sure why the conversation started with a discussion of her rabbit Daffodil's  eating habits; and YES I fluffed at least two opportunities to clear up … [Read more...]

Cisgendered Bears and Other Horrible Things That Have Happened to My Mommy Brain

monsters 1

A few weeks ago, a mom of my acquaintance got The Three Little Bears from the library, but was irritated to discover that the story had been bowdlerized for 21st century sensitivities.  Gone were the heteronormative Papa Bear, Mama Bear and Baby Bear. Instead, we just had three genderinoffensive bears, one big, one medium, and one small. What. A. Crock.   But when she posted a picture, I thought, Wait, that's got to be Paul Galdone, who has been illustrating for a lo-o-o-ong … [Read more...]

Lent is on its way! Here are three ideas to get you started.

box of chocolates2

You guys. Lent starts March 5. There has been a lot of ordinary time since the end of Christmas, so there is actually some time to prepare something this year, no excuses!  Here are three good places to start:   From the wonderful Fr. Robert Barron of Word on Fire: FREE SERIES OF DAILY LENTEN REFLECTIONS. Just enter your email address and you will get a daily email starting on Ash Wednesday.  You can tell Fr. Barron is great because all the right people think he's the worst … [Read more...]

My goober valentines


As requested, here are pictures of the finished valentines my kids prepared to give out today(although it turned out to be yet another snow day):   And here is the valentine mailbox my son made: I'm so proud.  Yes, we carefully screen and censor the few episodes of Futurama they're allowed to watch!  I'm not altogether thrilled that Bender is such a captivating role model for them; but at least they laugh when my husband says, "OK, kids. It's 9:00.  You know what that … [Read more...]

In which my kids make Valentine’s Day weird and creepy


We've been doing 3-D lollipop valentines for the last few years. Here is how it turns out when a normal family does this project: Cute, eh? It is easy: 1. Take a picture of your kid extending a fist toward the camera.  Leave some blank space in the background for the lollipop and message. 2. If you like, photoshop a greeting onto the image.  If you are alert, you will remember how to paste things in with a transparent background; and if you care, you will be able to talk your … [Read more...]

Speaking of parents as primary educators of children. . .

I'll be speaking about parents as primary educators of their children on the Son Rise Morning Show this Friday morning.  Seven of my children will be at school, and the other two will be watching Dinosaur Train.  The baby will be yelling, 'WHERE 'DUC-TER????" every time the Conductor goes off the screen.  The dog will be pawing frantically at the door of my bedroom, where I do radio interviews, because the only, only, only way he wants to spend his time these days is playing Lonely Dog Rodeo … [Read more...]

At the Register: Are You Raising Your Kids?

Take a squint at how you're raising your kids.  The general impression should be "up, up, up." … [Read more...]