Next Year in Jerusalem

elijah four questions

Have you taught your children that, while Christmas is very important, it’s really Easter that’s the greatest feast of the year? Do they buy it?When I was little, this point of doctrine was obvious: All during Holy Week, my father could be heard practicing the Exsultet to chant at the Easter vigil, as my mother fried and ground up liver and onions in preparation for the Passover seder. The fragrant schmaltzy steam of the chicken soup, the palm leaves, bags of jelly beans for Easter Sunday and … [Read more...]

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Lenten Rookie Mistakes

ash wednesday

[This post originally ran, in a slightly different form, in the National Catholic Register in February of 2013.]____________________________________________________________________________I feel like I can't walk ten feet without bumping into an enthusiastic new convert, which is delightful, and so encouraging!  Welcome, everybody!  We papists have a little saying:  Venite intus; horribilis est! Heh.  Anyway, you may be looking forward to your first Lent with enthusiasm but some t … [Read more...]