Mary said “Fanks”

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From John Herreid, here's a painting I've never seen before: The Annunciation by Master of the Retable of the Reyes Católicos (15th century) Here is a detail, showing the Word of God proceeding from the mouth of the Father: Cross already in hands. Oh, Mary. And a short interview with my daughter, who is almost 5. I am not sure why the conversation started with a discussion of her rabbit Daffodil's  eating habits; and YES I fluffed at least two opportunities to clear up … [Read more...]

At the Register: Mary as Hero

She unmade the darkness. … [Read more...]

At the Register: A Mother who Looks Like Me


Happy feast day, bio-mom! … [Read more...]

Mother to one, mother to all

Virgin-Nursing-Firescreen-640x858 (1)

In-between shifts, social worker breastfeeds babies in Zamboanga evac center MANILA - For literally giving all she can, Evalinda Jimeno, a social worker of the Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD), has earned the admiration of evacuees sheltered at the Joaquin F. Enriquez Sports Complex in Zamboanga City. According to the DSWD, Jimeno was hailed by the refugees evacuated from the chaos and violence wrought by an ongoing standoff between the military and a faction of the Moro … [Read more...]

Come see me in Vancouver, WA!


I'm really excited about the Catholic Women Rejoice Conference coming up in a few weeks! It's Saturday, September 28, and the other speakers are Julie Onderko, founder of Catholic Finish Strong, and Sr. Miriam James Heidland, SOLT, who blogs at NunEssential. I'll be giving a talk called "Beautiful Stranger:  Making Contact with the Mother of God."  It's about how someone like me, who is decidedly not one of those Marian people, learned to stop worrying and just let Mary take care of me … [Read more...]

More hope for religious art

Elizabeth Scalia posted a link (on Facebook, not on her blog -- but she always has tons of good stuff, so check it out!) to this sculpture of the Annunciation, by John Collier: (photo source:  The Deacon's Bench) I know it's just about impossible to make a judgment based on a photo, but what do you think?  My first thought was that it made reference to the statue of Apollo and Daphne by Bernini: (photo source) The artist seems to be stressing the significance of the fig … [Read more...]

Morning Prayer

Good bye, guys, good bye! Have a good day -- have  a good hike!  It's gonna feel so good to get to the top of that mountain!  I got you those peanut packs, did you-- okay, okay.  Good bye, I love you! Okay, little ones, now back home. Hail Mary, full of grace, the Lord is with thee. Give me patience, give me supernatural patience, not like yesterday.  Blessed art thou among women, help L. know I love her, yesterday was so awful, but you know I love her . . . Yes, I saw that … [Read more...]


Thanks to all the linky love (oh sheesh, did I just say that?) from real websites like  Mark Shea's, Bearing, Betty Beguiles, And Sometimes Tea, New Advent, Betty Duffy, Darwin Catholic, Korrektiv, Alexandria, and others, I got a lot more attention than I'm used to for all this pants stuff.  And, as Mark Shea's readers pointed out, with great pants comes great responsibility.  Which is to say that with a bigger audience comes many more misunderstandings. Some of that is my fault, … [Read more...]