Mother and Child: A Christmas Gallery of Original Art

Christmas art Umizaki

Merry Christmas, everybody! I offered up Midnight Mass for all of you, especially for anyone who is lonely or grieving or in pain today. Thanks for another wonderful year of company.Over at the Register today, nine artists have graciously shared their lovely Madonna and Child artwork with us. Here is just one, by 16-year-old painter Noyuri Umezaki:  Check out the rest here.  … [Read more...]

At the Register: Maite Roche is a treasure

roche mary and jesus

   As a writer with children, I receive lots and lots of Catholic children's books, and nearly every time, I regretfully decline to review them, because I cannot deal with the way Mary and Jesus' faces are drawn. The best of them are blank and insipid, giving the impression that the Holy Family was dabbled in narcotics; and the worst are goony and pandering. Take it from me: transferring Spongebob's features onto a human body and slapping a halo on his head is not, in fact, … [Read more...]

Mary said “Fanks”

annunciation 2

PIC annunciationFrom John Herreid, here's a painting I've never seen before: The Annunciation by Master of the Retable of the Reyes Católicos (15th century)Here is a detail, showing the Word of God proceeding from the mouth of the Father:Cross already in hands. Oh, Mary.And a short interview with my daughter, who is almost 5. I am not sure why the conversation started with a discussion of her rabbit Daffodil's  eating habits; and YES I fluffed at least two op … [Read more...]

At the Register: Mary as Hero

She unmade the darkness. … [Read more...]

At the Register: A Mother who Looks Like Me


Happy feast day, bio-mom! … [Read more...]