At the Register: Ten Splendid Sequels You Can Expect to See

This is relevant for a Catholic publication because I fleetingly mock Life Teen. … [Read more...]

At the Register: Do You Got Awful?

Look, it's a post!  About things!  A full hour and one minute before midnight on the day it's supposed to go up!  And even better, this story saved me from having to write about Putin again.  (Even though, seriously -- the Pope is going to meet with him in a few weeks.  Wouldn't you like to be a fly on that wall?  Word is, he's going to tie a rock around Putin's neck and toss him in the Trevi Fountain.) … [Read more...]

It’s gummint. Why can’t it be both?


I'm only about half sucker; so I knew it wasn't really true that Obama contracted helicopters to hover over Mount Rushmore with a big curtain.But I assumed it was true that the Amber Alert system was shut down.  Turns out Amber Alert, as a way of quickly notifying the public that a child has been abducted and is in immediate danger, is still functioning; it's just the website that's shut down because, if the website (not the program itself) is unmanned while the admins are furloughed, … [Read more...]

Let’s All Panic Over Franciscogenic Papal Change!!!!!!!

This morning, I read Dolan confirms error in Scalfari interview in the National Catholic Reporter.  It confirms that there was at least one factual error in Scalfari's interview:  he suggests that Francis, upon hearing of his election, left the Sistine Chapel, panicked, wanted to decline, then got his head together, felt better, and went out to get dressed.  But As veteran Italian Vatican writer Andrea Tornielli has pointed out, however, there is no room next to the balcony overlooking St. Pete … [Read more...]

Worst! Pope! Ever!!1!

rending of garments

It's true, Francis really is -- as long as you understand that, as a Catholic, it is our duty and responsibility to read the words of the Holy Father only after they've been run through the MSM juicer a couple of times.JoAnna Wahlund handily shreds "oh Lord, why are we being tormented by this dreadful, careless, foolish pope?" crowd as they rend their garments over what they see reported on MSNBC: “Pope Reiterates 2,000-year-old Teaching of the Church” doesn’t make money; “Pope Declares … [Read more...]

Holy Cats, Mr. Science! Do you mean to say that population is made out of people?

Op ed in the NYT saying what I've  been saying since forever:  Gosheroodie, have you noticed that the history of man is, overall, the history of increasing productivity?  And who figured out how to increase productivity?  Individual people -- you know, part of the population. Someone's gotta be having the babies.  We all need it.  Spend less time and effort sterilizing poor people, and spend more time and effort figuring out how to help everyone live well.There really is no such thing as a … [Read more...]

I have always depended on the blindness of strangers. A contest!


Weh-heh-hell, it was bound to happen.  As I mentioned, we got a puppy a few months ago, and have spent the summer training him.  This morning on our front porch, we found a copy of a children's book called Orville:  A Dog Story.   Written inside the cover was this note: Here is a wonderful story of a dog, passed on to you with love. When you are done reading about Orville, you may keep the book or pass it on to someone else. From a friendly stranger The book is about a dog who has had a bunch … [Read more...]