My favorite joke

Hey, happy Veterans Day!  Thank you, veterans.  Thank you veterans' families.  We pray for you every day.We have the day off school, and we just got home from the doctor, where I got mini lectures because (a) my son only has two servings of milk a day, not three; (b) when I said, "I didn't realize they offer the meningitis vaccine to kids this age.  I'd like to read up on it first, " she took it to mean, "I can only hope that my entire family will get some o' that fantastic meningitis ASAP"; … [Read more...]

My favorite joke

Today, I'm really glad to have a Monday joke lined up, because I'm going to do something kind of awful first, and I don't want you to be mad at me.Here is this video.  I guess it's a local TV station that gives political candidates a minute or so to make their case directly to the voter.  So here's what one guy came up with:Now, being a kind and generous person, I thought to myself, "Wellllllll . . . maybe he just has super duper stage fright.  Maybe he actually does have something to … [Read more...]

The Joke and The Jerk

Good morning!  Last week, I told you my favorite joke, and asked for yours.  (If you still want to send me yours for pubbloglication, don't put it in the comments - mail it to my second favorite joke was actually sent to me twice!  More coincidence:  it was sent to me by two sisters!  Furthermore, if you can believe it, they both happened to by my sisters, which may explain why the joke hit that sweet spot for me.  Nepotism schmepotism, it made me laugh. (I also hav … [Read more...]

My favorite joke

In a world where Jay Leno asks people where Illinois is, and people don't know, and then that's considered funny, I think it's our duty to bring back The Joke.So I'll tell you my favorite joke, and then you send me yours.  If it makes me laugh, I'll post it next time, so you can grab a piece of my rapidly-dwindling traffic before it disappears completely due to people realizing that, although I talk more when I'm tired, I say much, much less,  ha ha ha!Don't put your joke in the comments … [Read more...]