March for Life, in person or in spirit

on the day you were born

 As massive as the crowds of pro-lifers are at the March for Life, there are even more of us at home, commemorating this dreadful anniversary in various ways.Read the rest at the Register.  Image is from a screenshot of Reading Rainbow's featured book, On the Day You Were Born by Debra Frasier   … [Read more...]

Raising safe, independent kids

 It's good and natural for parents to want to keep their kids safe, but it's healthy for the entire family to acknowledge that our main job as parents is to prepare kids for the rest of their lives. A kid who has never learned to judge for himself when it's safe to cross the street is a kid who is unsafe.Read the rest at the Register. … [Read more...]

The Fishers’ Shmedifying Guide to Van Maintenance

Drips, smells, rumbles, squeals, groans, blinking lights, shudders, tremors, mice, hiccups, spasms, heat that won't turn on, heat that won't turn off, heat that smells like dolphin meat, the unpredictable squirting of fluids, and the occasional refusal to acknowledge who's in charge here. This is just what it's like having a car that you aren't making huge monthly payments on, and if you can't live this way, then you're overdue for a fancy pants check, Mr. Fancy Pants. Read the rest at the … [Read more...]

Obedience Gives Us Jesus


Image courtesy of Wikimedia Commons  Why tell us that Jesus is the Son of God as soon as He does the one thing that the Son of God doesn't really need to do? What does this tell us?Read the rest at the Register.   … [Read more...]

The abortion lie that just won’t die


image by Thierry Geoffroy via Wikimedia Commons   It's expensive to run a medical facility, and reasonably so, because when people's lives are at stake, you should be willing to spend a little money. If you want to perform surgery, then you should be ready to perform surgery. If you think women's lives are not worth an upgrade or two on your facility,  then maybe you're in the wrong business. Read the rest at the Register.  … [Read more...]

It’s silly season for Catholics who bash Francis on climate change

If we want a pro-life message to be part of the conversation on environmental policy, then the Pope must speak. Read the rest at the Register. … [Read more...]

Happy New Year! You’re Going to Die.


 Anonymous painting courtesy of Wikimedia Commons I'm telling my daughter the brightest version of something that is true, and something that we all need to remember: that the best way to deal with death and the afterlife is to remember, always, that it's our behavior right now that decides which path we're on. It's a good thing to spend some time thinking about death, not to terrify ourselves or to revel in dark things, but to shed some light on our present choices.Read the rest … [Read more...]