Is this a Cuban I see before me?

Hi, I’m The Jerk. You might remember me from that time the USCCB named me the second worst fictional Catholic on the internet. Fine, fine. I can be the bigger man and accept defeat. I would like to know what tipped the scales. Before I ruin Simcha’s chances at ever being invited to speak at some money-bags event, like The Catholic Ladies for Muslim Fashion Awards, I better get on with the movie. RED DAWN   Remember that time when you were a kid at a family BBQ and your … [Read more...]

I am wearing pants.

Hi, I'm the Jerk. I'm allowed to write movie reviews on Simcha's blog once a week under two conditions. One: I keep the language clean. Two: I have to wear pants when I write. (Somehow, she can tell.) I know, some of you were made SAD by my review of Yentl. I know some of you thought I should probably go to the beach for a STAYCATION, and maybe cool it for a while. I even know some of you,...thought I should,...stop writing,... altogether,... And you know, I was gonna ditch the whole thing … [Read more...]