Hot showers for the homeless, courtesy of St. Peter


It's been many years since I was in Rome, but I remember my first impression of the city: it's extremely beautiful, and it smells like poop. Part of that smell comes because Italians tend to have dogs, rather than children. And part of the smell comes because, at least when I was there, public bathrooms are few and far between, and they are coin operated. The phrase "eternal city" takes on a whole new meaning when you are penniless, on foot, and have nowhere to go for hour upon hour. For a col … [Read more...]

A Pope Francis headline that would shock me

Pope_Francis_Palo_11 (1)

 Pope Francis Refuses to Meet with [ANYBODY]. That would be news. That would be a headline.That's not gonna happen.No, you can't imagine Benedict having a private meeting with a transgendered person and fiancee. That's because Benedict was a different kind of pope, who had a different mission. Francis is doing different good things besides the kind of good things that Benedict did. And if you think that Benedict resigned with the understanding that the conclave would elect a B … [Read more...]

About the Pope’s “don’t be like rabbits” remark UPDATED


   Image courtesy of Wikimedia Commons First, kudos for Erin of Bearing Blog for spurring me to reread the full transcript of the Pope's recent in-flight remarks. He didn't precisely say "Catholics shouldn't be like rabbits" (and he never used the word "breed" at all). What happened was that the reporter asked him what he thought about the idea that so many in the Philippines are poor because of the Church's ban on contraception. The Pope replied: God gives you means to be r … [Read more...]

Since when does the Pope meet with porn stars?

jolie pope

Crux is running a quickie story headlined Pope meets two American stars: Angelina Jolie and Cardinal Burke; and the picture featured is of the Pope shaking hands with a smiling, decorously attired Jolie, who was in town to promote her film Unbroken.  Jolie has ... said the experience of making the film has reopened her to the idea of the divine, if not any specific religious faith....In a statement, Jolie called the chance to present the film at the Vatican “an honor.” My general impres … [Read more...]

It’s silly season for Catholics who bash Francis on climate change

If we want a pro-life message to be part of the conversation on environmental policy, then the Pope must speak. Read the rest at the Register. … [Read more...]

I’m speaking at the World Meeting of Families!


Good grief, I totally forgot to tell you!Don't ask me how, why, or how, but they asked me to give a presentation at one of the break-out sessions of the World Meeting of Families in Philadelphia in 2015. My fellow Catholic Patheosi Diana von Glahn and Greg Popcak will be there, too!Look, I'm on the list and everything. Uhh, you may have to scroll down a bit, down to page fourteen, during the lunch hour on the last day, which is where they totally feature the crowd-grabbers. You'll see … [Read more...]

Have you heard the latest about Cardinal Burke?

I haven't, and I've made it a point not to know what's going on.Why not? Because it's not important to me. Me, as a layman with a job and a family and a personal conscience that keeps me busy enough all by itself. And if you were honest, you'd admit that it really isn't important to you, either -- not unless you work directly for Burke, or are his personal friend and will miss him when he moves to sunny Malta, the lucky son of a gun. It only seems important if you are addicted to following … [Read more...]