At the Register: Why Does Francis Keep Kissing Hands?

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Why would he do it? What message is he sending? … [Read more...]

At the Register: Doctrine doesn’t change over the phone

Ring-ring. Hello? Hi, it's the Pope, and guess what? It's OPPOSITE DAY! From Conversations that didn't, won't, and wouldn't happen, vol. 836  … [Read more...]

At the Register: Great New Children’s Book about the Papacy (updated with link this time!)

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Our Holy Father, the Pope:  The Papacy from Saint Peter to the Present would make a very good addition to the library of any Catholic child.  Quick review here. This week or next, I'll be doing a few more book reviews of some of the excellent children's books coming out of Ignatius/Magnificat.  … [Read more...]

At the Register: Mother Church says, “Yes, you may.”

In which I remind us all that baptism is a beginning, not a trophy for winners; and in which I briefly long for an icon depicting Christ the Sneaker-Upper.I wish I had worked this in, but do yourself a favor and read Max Lindenman's short little jewel of an essay, "Catholics Do Not Throw People Away." … [Read more...]

At the Register: When it comes to building a community . . .

choose, don't drift. … [Read more...]

Prepare yourself . . .

for a lot of baleful head shaking over this story from Franciscophobes:  Pope's Sharp Words Make a Wealthy Donor Hesitate.Because when people say, "Francis has made me interested in the Church again, and I'm thinking of going to Mass for the first time in twenty years!" then that's proof that his kind of evangelization is shallow and meaningless.  How do we know they're the real deal?  (After all, when Jesus multiplied the loaves and fishes, and over 3,000 people were baptized that day, we kn … [Read more...]



So much so that I'm not even gonna say anything mean about Putin.  Look at this: More details about this image at The Deacon's Bench.  This picture makes me think of of quote attributed to John XXIII:  "See everything, overlook a great deal, correct a little." … [Read more...]