Best. Soap. Ever.

Simply Goatmilk

Can I be a terrible, horrible person and remind you that it's almost Halloween, which means it's almost Thanksgiving, which means it's almost Advent, which means you will soon be looking at the calendar in disbelief and realizing that you need small but thoughtful presents for any number of people, and you have no idea what to get them?Be not afraid! (See what I did there, JPII?) Robin's Soap is here.  You may remember Robin's Soap Shoppe from my brief brush with … [Read more...]

Robin’s Soap is now for sale on Etsy!

super gardeners soap

What with all the camping and decamping, I almost forgot to let you know . . . Robin's Soap Shoppe is now open on Etsy! So many of you generous folks made this possible. (For any new readers, I introduced Robin here, sweetened (?) the deal here, and covered myself with glory on YouTube here.) Take a look at her first offerings, including this Super Gardener's Soap:  Robin says: This is a soap for the gardener or the gardener wanna be. If you enjoy getting your hands … [Read more...]

Robin’s Soap Shop!

Robin has posted some exciting updates and details on her GoFundMe page, including this tantalizing photo of some salves she is preparing:  She has set up an Etsy shop which will open for business on July 4! I believe that if you "follow" the Etsy page, you will be notified when products are ready for purchase. So exciting!  (For those not familiar with the Robin Soap saga, here is the original story and here is my ridiculous contribution to her fundraiser.)  … [Read more...]

Thank you / Don’t you dare


LOOK WHAT YOU DID!About 24 hours after I first posted about Robin's GoFundMe campaign, she is fully funded. She can now get started buying supplies and equipment to make and sell lovely, lovely goat milk soap to support her family. This is amazing. This is wonderful. And I don't mean to sound smug, but this is utterly predictable, because I knew you guys were this generous! People have been donating, sharing, and offering prayers and encouragement for Robin nonstop. So, so great.  From the … [Read more...]

Can you help my hard-working friend?

November 6 2012 18

This weekend, my friend Robin Broun of Kentucky launched a GoFundMe campaign. Her goal is to raise $3,000 to buy supplies for a soap-making business in her home, so she can support her family.I know there are fundraising pleas allllll the time. I'm not going to try to guilt you into supporting this one (although if you could take a minute and share the page on Facebook, Twitter, or elsewhere, that would be wonderful).  The soap is gorgeous and luscious in its own right, allergen-free and … [Read more...]