How’s Common Core working out for you?

abraham lincoln

There are a lot of good things in Common Core -- things that really did need fixing about the typical American public educational curriculum. Math is one of those things. Show me a teenage cashier who went through public schools and can easily make change for a five, and then we'll discuss whether the system that's been in place for the last few decades is good enough.Read the rest at the Register. … [Read more...]

My book’s first review, and a giveaway!


My book isn't even available for pre-order yet, but it already got a good review!Bearing of Bearing Blog read The Sinner's Guide to NFP, and she wrote: [E]ven if I am not the target audience, I am maybe the target reviewer, because I wholeheartedly endorse the attitude in this book.  The truth is that even when you're both totally on board, NFP has features which, well, you might as well laugh at them so you don't (a) cry or (b) throw things at each other. As for the state of NFP … [Read more...]

Support for former homeschoolers?

It's okay, kids!  You're just being socialized.

A reader writes:I know you used to homeschool but you do not anymore. Since stopping, have you found any blogs or support groups or anything of like for Christians with kids in public schools? Our kids are going to school in the fall and I am NERVOUS. Oh, yes.  Nervous. The decision to stop homeschooling was one of the hardest ones I've ever had to make.  Lots of nightmares about whether it's worse to send my children off to be eaten by wolves, or simply to cut our losses and eat th … [Read more...]

Drawing for free Catholic textbook!


In honor of the feasts of St. Peter and St. Paul, the Catholic Textbook Project is giving away a free history textbook of your choice.  To enter the drawing, go here and leave a comment.When we were homeschooling, we did use textbooks, especially for history.  It's great to read source materials and flesh things out with novels and activities, but nothing can replace a solid, through, well-researched textbook.  I'm not familiar with this company myself, but long-time reader and ho … [Read more...]

Simple School

Okay, for real this time:  come see what I wrote for Faith and Family Live.  It's about how, even though I have abandoned four of my children to the netherworld of not-homeschooling, I still have four kids at home, and I still know a thing or two about a thing or two. … [Read more...]

A little blaze

In discussing history with my older kids, I always try to hammer home the following point: when someone tells you that this or that issue is perfectly simple, then that person is either stupid or lying.Here's a satisfying case in point:  a recent Salon article (h/t to Kevin James) reminds us that, despite what renowned scholar Dan "I know how to type" Brown tells us, it wasn't the mean old misogynistic Church who led those infamous European witch hunts.  More reliable sources s … [Read more...]

Why we’re dropping out of home school

A couple of people have asked why we're not home schooling any more.  We will be, a little bit -- my six-year-old son will be at home for first grade, and my four-year-old daughter keeps handing me notes composed of random letters, in a pathetic plea to be taught how to read and write.And of course we'll keep our feral three-year-old, whom no school can hold, and the smartest baby in the world (16 months old), who is not only putting together two- and three-word sentences, she can say "Come … [Read more...]