At the Register: Prayer doesn’t make things happen

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 I agree, sort of. We don't pray for a cure for cancer and find a vial full of miraculous medicine on the table. We don't pray to reach the moon on Christmas Eve and find a functional rocket ship waiting under the tree in the morning. Praying doesn't make things happen. Praying makes things possible. Read the rest at the Register.  … [Read more...]

At the Register: You Want Ethical Stem Cells?

We may have found them -- free of the ethical horror of embryonic stem cell research, and cheaper and faster than current methods of ethical stem cell therapy. … [Read more...]

Holy Cats, Mr. Science! Do you mean to say that population is made out of people?

Op ed in the NYT saying what I've  been saying since forever:  Gosheroodie, have you noticed that the history of man is, overall, the history of increasing productivity?  And who figured out how to increase productivity?  Individual people -- you know, part of the population. Someone's gotta be having the babies.  We all need it.  Spend less time and effort sterilizing poor people, and spend more time and effort figuring out how to help everyone live well.There really is no such thing as a … [Read more...]

Extra cool!


.. . . as my son used to say repeatedly as he launched himself off the couch repeatedly.  But this really is:They've discovered that a common kind of insect hops with the aid of gears: There was a tiny row of bumps on the inside of each leg where it met the insect’s body. The bumps looked just like the teeth of gears. And when the planthopper jumped, they acted like gears too — as teeth meshed, the legs turned in synchrony. Sutton says his finding, published this week in Science, is the firs … [Read more...]