people accidentally swallowing moths in sleep

apron sex shark sex taxidermied cats in clothes poop panic pro llama sexy spaghettios sit down hobbies speaking toilet mustache villain carny bolo bouncer rutger hauer couldn't hoit to ask is there anything i can do to prevent homeschool what teen books are out there to help feel good how to explain to grade schoolers what the kidneys do do the jews control the world i speed because i have to poop ugly people in santa hat eating refried beans while breastfeeding edith street … [Read more...]

visions of women who went to hell because of wearing trousers

 i.  ok . You take photos like Harley man! If she farts, ka-blu-ee. Becoming less masculine, Marx Brothers sexistic. Ok, let's pray and see. . I am married but I want to be a priest. (They have got married recently.) Fatman sex. Simcha Fisher drinking. Bless somebody's sole. . . ii.  the technical details . Where is Kincaid in the list of great painters? Sitting down that needes to be worn. Have you ever flashed women while wearing a kilt? My church doesn't talk about … [Read more...]

i want to turn into a dog, but how?

I'm a pastor's wife looking for inexpensive baby gifts. Was George Washington brilliant or lucky? Why do fat women like Tweety Bird? I have to sit down blob. . You don't want to be in my shoe, my shoe. Stallone in the dark; Planet tushy. . Beer is sabotaging my fat loss. I'll claw your eyes out. .  God, God, God, else but God: Accidentally whole bottle. How to reply when your answer is stupid? How to make gargoyle feet? . Knock knock. Who's there?  Never. Victorian … [Read more...]

I feel so moron

what the hell is planet aid what is the process of wearing my shoes is it stupid to have 3 kids under 3 what time does snappy's close very short cut porno pants don't have an hourglass figure your a wiener snapy sex scotch taped rabbit dog lori petty lori petty lori petty  + boobs simcha fisher horses butt lori petty nude why does my guy on harvest moon a wonderfull life always look unhappy even if he isnt hungry? simcha fisher "moral theologian" dont ha ha lucky charms … [Read more...]

The Search Continues

1,2 button my shoe pain don't hurt don't sit on god big fat ladies moron inside judy drench god's feet with eyes horshack horshack Horshack horshack lori petty Homer Price have you ever seen such cruelty "comments closed" keanu reeves fat let god decide how many children we have the movie dont start till i sit down awesome van should i be concerned about my son wearing horshack turtle joke ah ha horshack please dont hurt my arse movies lori petty pin drop jerk horshack … [Read more...]

Poetry Monday – UPDATED

Hamburger Washer Sleep Blog, Or: Will Okra Slime Hurt Me? . . . Mad Jesus Laughing Jesus people choking Jew site . Snappy kid talk What is spillcock baby powder help with lice . I have sit I must sit down Ha ha suckers toilets blog . Mark Shea butter football baby shower old wise tales . How to wet sitting down Sit down joke I need sit down . frog brothers pasty vampires Hallie Lord the jerk . . . Dear everyone, Well, I did it again.  I thought the joke … [Read more...]