Seven books that fell behind my bed


Seven quick takes! I hope you can see the pictures - WordPress is being a bag of butts, and won't let me upload in the normal way, so I just pasted them in. Here are seven books I either just finished or am in the middle of, perhapsh indefinitely. "Perhapsh" was a typo, but I kind of like it. --1-- Don't Let's Go to the Dogs Tonight: An African Childhood by Alexandra Fuller.I have never read a book like this before. It's so harrowing and so appealing. A memoir of growing up poor, … [Read more...]

Seven Quick Takes: Oy, have you got the wrong number

These things need handrails for giant pregnant ladies who need somewhere safe to rant.

--1-- It being Advent, it occurred to me that Toad more or less makes an act of contrition in "Alone" in Frog and Toad All Year:"Frog! I am sorry for the dumb things I do. I am sorry for all the silly things I say. Please be my friend again!" And then he falls into the water with all his sandwiches, amen.PIC toad with basket --2-- Here is a picture of Arnold Lobel with his daughter, Adrianne:PIC Lobel with daughter found here. It says: She says what she learnt most fr … [Read more...]

Seven Quick takes: Seven Really Good Books for Young Adults


Wow, I haven't done a 7QT in forever! And I'm not actually doing one now. This post originally ran in 2010. I was inspired to rerun it when the The New Yorker printed this appreciation of A Canticle for Leibowitz . Enjoy, thou parents looking for some decent fiction for your older kids! *** Sorry this is so long.  I didn’t have time to write anything shorter. Seven Quick Takes:  Seven Really Good Books for Young AdultsWhen I was in high school, everything we read had to be about either the … [Read more...]

Seven Quick Takes: In Which Benny Meets Her Match


 And we’re home from camping!  Or, "camping." Whatever, you tent-loving masochists. It was rustic enough for me. Nobody fell in the fire, nobody got permanently lost, nobody drowned, nobody got carried off by wildlife, we didn’t need to test whether our insurance covered out-of-state ER visits, and nobody even pulled anybody’s hair until we were – get this – two minutes away from reaching home. We managed to stretch a three-hour road trip into five hours, but we made it.And guess wha … [Read more...]

Seven quick, gratifying reads


--1-- Okay, so thisPope Francis waving is not exactly thisAgentinian Pirate guybut if you want to understand someone, it's always helpful to learn a bit about the culture they come from. From (huh!): 15 differences between a normal friend and an Argentinean friend. Cute.  --2-- A quick and insightful post from Clare Short, The Mantilla Blues, which is not really about veiling, per se, but about how we think we can hide from God by doing God … [Read more...]

Seven Quick Reasons the author of SGNFP is one classy dame

eve sideboobless

--1-- When I first submitted the ebook manuscript to Amazon, I got this message: The book “The Sinner's Guide to Natural Family Planning” you recently submitted to KDP has possible spelling errors in your converted file. Consider correcting these and resubmitting.Here are the errors we recommend you address by correcting your manuscript:judgey providentialism caritas intercoursal coitalicious  That advice, I did not take.  --2-- If you order it new, full price, from Amaz … [Read more...]

Seven Quick Takes: Tab Dump

WordPress is being extra special today and won't let me upload any images, so you will just have to imagine that peppy yellow 7 Quick Takes logo here. When I banned reading at the table, my kids used to do dramatic readings of condiment labels.  The mustard was the best.Sadly, the length of a mustard label is about as long as I am able to sustain my attention while I'm reading, lately.  If you have but attention the size of a mustard label, then that is not very good.  It means t … [Read more...]