7 Quick Awards

eel joke

Hey, it's been a while since anyone passed out any useless internet awards.  Here yuh go, in no particular order, for no particular reason: 1. The Weeping Putin Award goes to Mark Shea for his egregious crimes against totalitarianism. Who does he think he is, etc. etc.  Hermeneuticalosityness.  Constantine.  Etc. 2.  The Bruce Wayne Award goes to Joey Prever/Steve Gershom, because he's recently come out as Batman. Not that there's anything wrong with that. 3.  The … [Read more...]

Seven Quick Takes: In Which I Spend Eleven Minutes Writing, and Forty Minutes Trying to Wrestle WordPress into Posting the Seven Quick Takes Logo


--1-- I try not to have enemies.  (This is sometimes difficult when people are determined to be my enemy out of the blue, when I never heard of them, don't know or care who they are, and have no idea why they're so mad at me.  I'm like, "Wow, have you ever listened to music?  It's nice!" and they're like, "Yeah, I bet you think it is, you lopsided, warmongering, stinky-breathed Zionist!")  But, like most bloggers, I do have foils -- people whose point of view does such a good job of … [Read more...]

Seven Quick Takes: The Stupids Go Camping


 Here is how our little camping trip went. 1.  Several people asked about the yurt we rented.  This particular one was in a state park, and so it was ridiculously cheap:  something like $40 a night.  (At that price, you need to book it many months in advance.)  It has wooden floors, electric outlets, and an overhead fan, and came with a table, shelves and -- get this -- eight sets of wooden bunk beds.  This pic doesn't capture the atmosphere, but it gives you a general idea of the … [Read more...]

7 Unquick Takes, Because I’m Really Tired, and I Talk More, Not Less, When I’m Tired, Unlike Most Men, Who Do the Opposite


    1.  Today, I'm very pleased to be part of a neat website called 3 Things for Mom, created by Lauren Warner (who is the wife of Matt Warner, of Flocknote and Read the Catechism in a Year fame).   3 Things for Mom delivers bite-sized nuggets of information and insight from one mom to another, with a truth, a tip, and a find.  Their line-up includes moms who are, oh, editors-in-chief of Martha Stewart Living and Redbook, writers for the NYT, producers of the Today … [Read more...]

Seven Quick Takes, In Which I May Be a Bit Dehydrated


1.  Yay, Patheos tech team!  They brought my archives over from my old blog.  My pages, too, which I'll be updating soon.  Stay tuned for a list of top ten favorite posts, or at least top posts which seem entertaining without triggering any calls to child protective services. 2.  My Register post is up:  The Happiest Voice.  Last week I had The Saddest Voice.  I think I'm onto something here.  Stay tuned next Friday for The Voice Which Best Exemplifies Perfect Indifference. 3.  … [Read more...]

7 Humiliatingly Slow Takes with Huffing and Puffing Afterward

1.  I don't know how successfully I've hidden this in the few photos of myself that I've put online, but I am 5'5" and in the last fifteen years, I've put on average of seven pounds of permanent weight for each baby.  This is what happens when all you do is sit down. 2.  I was having stabbing pain, excruciating burning from my lower back down to my toes, tingling, numbness, and general unpredictable sciatic misery, which finally sent me to the doctor, because I couldn't believe that I … [Read more...]

Seven Quick Questions

1.  I'm re-reading Anna Karenina, which is 808 pages long. Last time I read it was in college, I only got up to page 762 and then lost interest.  Gee, I hope Anna turns things around before it's too late. QUESTION for anyone who's read the book: have you seen the movie?  I haven't even read any reviews.  When I heard Anna was going to be played by Kiera Knightley, I wondered why they didn't get an actress instead. 2.  Whenever I read old books, I keep an eye out for lovely, … [Read more...]

7 Quick Takes: Composting. See it happen.

SEVEN QUICK TAKES!  Come on, you all know what the "quick takes" picture looks like by now.  It's on my computer somewhere, but I'll be damned if I can find it, and my computer is tearfully warning me that it just doesn't know what it might do if I open another tab.  I tried making it  yellow for authenticity's sake, but it hurt my eyes.  All right, here we go. 1.  I almost never click on those touching or adorable "You'll never guess how he proposed!" or "Wow, what an original way to … [Read more...]

7 things I could resist

It's a two-fer!  One:   Seven Quick Takes, hosted by the hostest with the mostest Post-its (get it?  In the picture.  What?), Jen Fulwiler of Conversion Diary (and, among other things, the Register blog). Oh, so that's one.  Two is that I am crapping things up at the Register today with a little Lenten Quiz:  JUST HOW HOLY ARE YOU?  Come find out! And see how long it takes before someone notices, and becomes offended that, there is no such person as the Venerable Scrupe! So go … [Read more...]

Seven Fat Takes

Seven Reasons Why Being Fat May Be the Right Choice For You  . . . Today! 1.  You are so comfortable for the kids to snuzzle up with, especially in the winter.  As Mighty Mighty pointed out in the comments box of this post, kids always think bigger is better; and being nice and soft, with no bunchy muscles or anything, makes it even nicer.  Not only for the kids, either. 2.  Fashionwise, it's a great time to be fat.  You have sartorial choices like never before.  Fifteen … [Read more...]